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Wiishes that come true (wasn't sure where to post this sorry.)


Ok I've had a few wishes come true and that isn't always a good thing. This one time I had got into a fight with a husband and he told me to kill myself. So I left the house and started to walk in traffic "WISHING" to get hit by a car but it never happened. Anyways 2 weeks later I got run over by my own car and broke my ankle in two places. I thought I had it in park but it went in reverse and ran me over. But I swear I put it in park! So that wish came true.

Also my friend, Lori, knew this guy and he was so mean to her and she was at a bar one time and he kept messing with her and when he left to get another drink she told her friend sitting next to her. "I hope that guy goes away FOREVER!" and soon enough that night the guy she wished to go away forever had murdered his girlfriend! And now he is in prison for life. So he really did go away forever...Strange, eh?

As they say "Be Careful What You Wish For" Do you believe in the power of wishes?

I've had a lot of wishes come true in good and bad ways, I try to avoid making wishes.


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