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Here are, once again, the united rules of the Den to be followed by all members here without exception.  Most are simple and easy to understand.  This is not in any way an attack on a specific individual.

1)No flamming
2)No trolling
3)No spam
4)Obey the moderators.  If you disagree with a moderator, please PM another moderator or administrator.  We want to work with all members to make this a comfortable atmosphere.
4)No topics specifically posted on how a specific person can become a werewolf ie "can someone bite me?"  Hypothetical topics, however, will be allowed so long as they remain hypothetical in nature.  These will also be under strict supervision.
5)Role-playing of any kind will not be tolerated here.  Any role-playing topics found will be deleted 48 hours after the author has been notified.  If you want the topic to be moved to the RPGs and Gaming section, you must have a/the moderator(s) of that section send a PM to a/the moderator(s) of the Den giving permission for the topic relocation.

Should there be any questions about these rules, please contact a moderator.

Moderators may also give suggestions.  While not mandatory, it is highly advisable that you consider

(added) As said before. Please keep all "how can I be a werewolf, How do I know if i'm a werewolf," and other related topics to a bare minimum.

Thank you

~Queen Raina

Note from Alphamale:

It is ok to be a skeptic, but please, voice your opinions in a respectful manner, any posts that are offencive will be deleted, you have been warned.

Queen raina Loup-Garou:
*signs at the bottem* I agree with seeker on this

Emphasis NO ROLEPLAYING. Comprende?

Yes I agree

This I totally agree with and have set as sticky to remind ALL of the rules that should be followed in the Den.

Please follow these rules so everyone can have a good time  :-)


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