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Anyways Into The Otherworlds?

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Dark Lord M:
Are there anyways to enter the Otherworlds, just to watch out. I don't want to wake up anywhere I don't want to...

Yes, actually. Supposedly, the best way to entire Faerie is to enter a Sidhe Mound at twilight and sleep there, with your head lying opposite the exit and being completely willing to be abducted.

 Also, it helps if you are a virgin maiden, but I think that's pretty irrelevant in modern-day society. :)


Phantom X:

--- Quote ---I don't want to wake up anywhere I don't want to...
--- End quote ---

I know the feeling. One minute you are at a party, then you wake up and find yourself strapped naked to a bed with a sock in your mouth.

Anyways, people claim that they can open portals into other worlds, some people say trances work, too. The only place I know how to access is the astral world.

Dark Lord M:
Yes, I have romped through the Astral World. You would be amazed at what I see. I have also heard stepping in the middle of a Faery Ring will take you to the Twilight Realm as well.

Stepping into one, no... (I tried it shortly after I took those pictures of one). I'm told that you have to dance in one in order to have anything really interesting happen. (I wasn't about to start dancing in front of someones house in case it didn't work and I had the police called on me).  I'm also told that you deffinitely should NOT fall asleep in one. (Though the one I found was a little small to be caught sleeping in... maybe if you brought a folding chair or something...)

~ Loup


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