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I am a big fan of the Hollow Earth idea, since it is one of the oldest subjects in the studies of esoterica and the paranormal. Sadly, this section of the site doesn't have much padding to it. I figure I may as well fix that problem.
Say you were to find your way into a world inside of Earth, whether it was an enormous cavern or network of caves, a subterranean portal to another dimension, or an actual world inside the hollow of our planet...What would you hope to find there? What creatures would live there? What would the environment be like? What would the weather be like?
Use this thread to create your own "lost world" inside the Earth.

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The usuals, with my own added flare.  Lush tropical weather, jungles, luminescent pools and oceans of youth-giving god-water, cattle cause I'll want steak, a relic population of relatively tame tyrannosaur descendants that won't eat me nor my cattle cause they prefer to hunt lesser dinosaur descendants.  And a tribe of hot gorgeous women with a constant sex drive and no male tribe members.

God, how I'd love to screw a chick on the back of a T-Rex! :-o :-D

Regina Terra:
Wow, that is awesome.

Mine: I want a world deeep down, heated by hot water geysers, so we can bathe, with lush tropical jungles of special fungi so they can survive the lack of sunlight. With a large, healthy ecosystem of varied species of deep cave fish, bugs, crabs, & bats. & our own domesticated cats, dogs, pigs, & cows. Plus some battle velociraptor/birds.

I will be queen of my own tribe of sexy human mutants. & we shall battle other tribes, for plunder, slaves, & territory. We shall use summoned creatures, our special mutant powers, & magic to light up, & keep hidden our special world from stupid surface dwellers.


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