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Underwater Stonehenge?

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According to this there has been found in Lake Michigan, an underwater Stonehenge.


You guys seemed to not link or talk about this and I thought here would be the place to put it. Regardless of what it may, or may not be. H.P. Lovecraft would have loved this one I bet. Its just his style to talk of sunken cities and ruins previously unknown to the world..or just forgotten.

So what do you guys think?

Ok, this one made me laugh:

--- Quote ---"Experts in petroglyphs generally don't dive, so we're running into a bit of a stumbling block there."
--- End quote ---

I mean, is it so hard to learn those experts to dive???? Or take a pic  of the stones??? Or whatever????

Like, sorry, we really dont know what lies there, but our scientists are afraid of going under....so now we are simply gonna dig that out....  riiiight!  :roll:

Living on Lake Michigan myself I found that story really fascinating!

I had a post in Forbidden Archaeology about pyramids underneath the water also. I wonder how close they are to these findings and if there is a connection between them?

Ooo! I totally have to correct myself there. The pyramids I found were actually found in Rock Lake in Wisconsin.  :-P

Still, the two should not be too far away from each other geographically? Maybe a connection?

Maybe I'll have to look into it.

Mr. Kreepy:
Reading this, I can't help but think that all the Nazi Mysticism/Hyperborea conspiracy nuts are creaming their jeans over this. The resemblance to a European monument combined with the northen location of of it will be sure to have all those Nordic alien-loving nutters going "Yes sir, proof that whites are the superior race! We were here first! Crap, my tinfoil hat fell off."

*<:) *<:) *<:)


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