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It is popular belief, that the Good Folk live underground, or in the deep sea. The prime example of this, would be in Eoin Colfers books Artemis Fowl.    
The original belief, is based on myths about Sidhe Mounds, Faerie forts, which were said to have been used for housing, or temporary shelter, by Faeries. Some even claimed, that secret tunnels could be found in Faerie forts, that led underground.      
     A much less popular theory, which I know much less about, concerns 'The Land Under The Waves', an aquatic version of Tir Na nOg (No, the capital in the middle of nOg is not a mistake, it is Gaelic spelling).    Tir Na nOg, meaning The Land Of Youth, is supposedly an 'otherworld', which, according to Celtic myths, Faeries inhabited to escape from mankind, as they felt we would endanger their ways. In 'The Land Of Youth', it is said you never grow old (reminds you of Neverneverland doesn't it?), and you would live among the Faerie folk. Many Irish and Scottish tunes (very old ones), are said to be derived from Faerie music, which were taught to those who stumbled into the Faerie realm.          

Many cultures have different beliefs on thier location, such as Wiccans, who, if I'm not mistaken, believe they exist in the elemental realm. (If I am incorrect on this, please correct me)


what is an Elemental realm?

i have read that faeries live in another world all to themselves. the only way to get ther (i have read) is to be chosen by a unicorn

i think that faeries do sort of lie in thier own world, but that it isn't as far off as every one thinks. I also think that tthere isn't just one place that they live

Naughty Faery:
I have read that different types live in different places. Like some live in the water and others underground.


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