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Title: A Theory On The Arkansas Demon!
Post by: eyes_of_fire_AD999 on December 01, 2007, 04:15:38 AM
      Have you ever wondered why monster sightings, ghost hauntings, UFOs, strange vistors/MIB, and all things in these catagories seem to be linked to one certain area? Well beleive it or not there is a logical theory thought to be the cause, but remember it is only a theory, not proof! Magnetic fields are a fact of life and nature, they exist to help balace out our world. In certain places of the Earth where longitude meets latitude a strange but common magnetic flux is always changing in drastic measures. This causes a certain level of energy to build up over time. When the conditions are just right it will cause the invisible boundry between our world and the next to rip open creating a passage across. In other words it allows things not of our world or time come say hello!
      Another theory is places where water underground flows between limestone it creates a natural effect with a magnetic field it produces. It can cause real sound and even poisen the brain if large amounts are contacted. It can normally alter the brain to emagine all sorts of things that never really took place. But until this theory is tested correctly and succesfully no one will know for sure which to beleive or believe it at all!
Title: Re: A Theory On The Arkansas Demon!
Post by: Raziel on December 01, 2007, 04:38:25 AM
I like the first theory. its cool. :-D
Title: Re: A Theory On The Arkansas Demon!
Post by: rave phillaphia on December 01, 2007, 11:16:02 AM
its not so much as a magnetic field that is causing it. Magnetic fields are a force. As all forces they follow a systematic balance and rhythm. All things from the universe down to plants and animals and even the molecules and atoms follow this rhythm. People don't know how to explain this because it is not really a force but it controls the forces. It is part of space and time as well (in this case we can consider all forces being manipulated by these grand forces of time and space, remember we are not talking about earth time we are talking about a time that controls the factors inside the universe itself that doesn't reside anywhere else). some believe that space and time are manipulated by this rhythm more so then space and time manipulating them because in some cases we can see time and space as a grand force controlling all forces and everyone wants to believe that there is one thing controlling everything so that it can be simple.

On an earthly scale, yes magnetism of location does effect the strange things that occur on the planet not so much as that it happened there but everything is drawn to it. Meditation can actually prove this if you are concentrating hard enough or relaxed (usually you have to be in a sleeping state of hypnosis). Anyways I am going to stop here before I rant any more about forces of the universe. Einstein almost found this rhythmic force but died before he could finish his theory. Most quantum physicists only focus on the smaller scale of how time and space effect each other and not of what controls them because 1) they are scared of finding knowledge they are not suppose to 2) this could be the revolutionary link between religion and science.
Title: Re: A Theory On The Arkansas Demon!
Post by: eyes_of_fire_AD999 on December 02, 2007, 04:47:04 PM
I am no scientist rather I beleive in all posibilities as to why or what the paranormal really is. It may have nothing to do with magnetic fields but then again it may too. No one really knows for sure and probably will never know. This is why no theory is correct until everyone in the world can look at it an say okay this is what really happened, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt....