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All things meted
« on: January 04, 2011, 04:45:00 AM »
:evil:  Abridged.

All Things Meted

The night seemed halted on the moon's silver blade. With but a thin sliver the scything moon froze the world in awe. The sickle moon, although barely present like the whisper of dawn, hinted to the change like an opening eye from sleep. You seek from me the tale of how he came to be upon that night for we already remember why with our ancient prophecy. That night the crescent edge bit its way across night like our mightiest heroes raking the back of Wyrm. Lest you doubt the purity of the moon that night I say no star nor comet matched its radiance. So overwhelmed were the other gems of night, they hid lest moon mark them as well. So bloodthirsty was Luna's dirk, our holy men, our Theurges, clutched their shattered ears, broken in her awful howl. As the brilliant blade hit midsky, it became a thunderous smile, signaling the change, signaling the beginning of the end, signaling he who was born who became nothing, the Nemo. That night many of us held no power over ourselves. We felt Mother Earth tremble below us, and we changed where we stood whether in forests, in the spirit world away from Mother's body, and in the cities. We changed into our warrior form, our werewolf midform, combining the hunger of the wolf with the depravity of the human. We changed and became our inner Beast.
For one year only Anubis knew that that night would come when it did. For one year before that night Anubis, King-of-Kings Toth Homid of the Silent Striders, blew like storms of dust across our holy sites, our cairns, our temples, our obos, our brughs. Anubis came to all our sacred places regardless of whose Tribe the site belonged. Anubis knew the truth that none of these sites really belonged to any one Tribe, but to Mother alone. You might recall our time of madness. You might recall when we as Tribes fought each other. Our ancient prophecy foretold that a Silver Werewolf would bring the Tribes together through their destruction. Your growing smile recalls the obvious. No Tribe had more to dread from such a prophecy, from such a messenger, from such a message, as our once Ruling Tribe, the Glass Walkers. No one had more to fear than the Glass Walker King-of-Kings, the Nostradamus Metis, Reason Falcon. Reason Falcon sent his Fianna pack to kill the mighty Anubis, but they failed to catch the swiftest of the swift from the Tribe known to outpace thought, to even outpace life and death. As Anubis spread this omen across the world, the mighty trees of glass, concrete, and steel shook from the shivering Glass Walkers who no longer thought themselves safe inside the caverns of cities, inside the machinations of their technology and all things of Weaver.
Remember, pup, the balance, the Triad, when you remember Nemo and his birth. The Triad as made by Mother Earth made all reality. Wyrm destroyed what Weaver spun from Wyrd's spawn, and then the chain of madness linked all three. Fools among us had claimed each separate, and that Wyrm outviled his sisters and became our foe. Many claimed Nemo of Wyrm for bringing destruction to our world. Nothing can exist without Weaver, and many claimed Nemo her's. Nemo seemed to defy the webs of reality and remake our world, and many then claimed him of Wyrd. Only fools, moon-calfs, and bleating sheep think such things. Nothing can exist without all three. Only from the Triad are all things meted. You hide a laugh, but know this: Change comes from Wyrd, Corporealness comes from Weaver, and Corruption comes from Wyrm. You know this because you were born, because you live, and because you will die. When you regain composure, I will continue.

Before the apocalypse, before the ragna rok, before armageddon during the third height of the Glass Walkers' domination, humans viewed eternal time in numbers. They tried to grasp the infinite and constrict it to the finite. They tried to make circles square. They called the time then 1982. Throughout the human world the strife cycled. The pyramids had recently bowed to the Israelis after 21 years. Recently we managed to succeed in tumbling Three Mile Island to the ground, devastating the human pawns of Wyrm known as the Pentex Corporation. Recently the werewolf Tribe known as the Get of Fenrir and their Russian breed worried the world when they had occupied Afghanistan. The Vampires, the human unliving minions of Wyrm, wrested control from the British Glass Walkers, holding the whole Caribbean in the grip of Wyrm's maw. Pentex had recently sought revenge from their loss of Three Mile Island by successfully corrupting the Love Canal in New York under the American Glass Walker's nose. Recently, the Uktena Tribe succeeded in fleeing from the vampiric terror of Cuba, rejoining members of their Tribe at holy places along Florida. We recently failed to assassinate the American President, and we struggled to maintain the access to weapons for the following two decades. We had recently returned the tide against Pentex by destroying Osirak in Iran. The Glass Walkers managed recently to transform one of their computing fetishes into permanent technology. They made the computer real. Then the Glass Walkers sought to map the human body and make it stagnant. We had yet to face the devastation of Brasil. We had yet to face the return of the long dead Sioux, the return of Briton's King, the surfacing of the Oceanic Ruler from the East, the hydra, the leap of the Wolf, the dance of Kali, and the Horse of the World. We had yet to see the vampires emerge and stand the fire of day, and we had yet to see Mother Earth's revenge.

Traveling from the human Salt Lake City to Zion Park, three apes prayed for the bile of Wyrm to last, for their gasoline to keep them away from their hunters. They prayed to their human god. Their patriarch drove the car unaware of Wyrm's fumes corrupting the air out of the exhaust. Their patriarch was unaware of the Wyrm he inhaled, coating his lungs with black glue with each use of the device between his lips. Their patriarch was unaware that he held Wyrm's thoughts when he struck his pregnant wife to calm her shrieking. "I am David Smith," he yelled, "Bishopric and servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ, descendant of Joseph!"
His wife clutched her seatbelt near the headrest with both hands. She opened her eyes wide when she looked at David. He could see her skull behind those wide eyes. "The Lord, our God works through man as His servant," he continued, "and He gave us women as our servant."
His other wife in the backseat whispered, "Amen."
"Thank you for your devotion, Rebecca," he said. "You could learn a lot from her, Leah. Have faith in me and you have faith in our Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ."
Leah stuttered an Amen after Rebecca. Leah moaned from a sudden kick from inside her womb. The kick struck the same area as David.
Rebecca leaned forward, hugging Leah's shoulders and asked, "Kicking?" Rebecca took her sweater off and wrapped it around Leah. Leah moaned again.
"Kicking means it's a boy," David said. "Hallelujah! Hosanna in the highest!" As he drove, he let go of the steering wheel to clap his hands. The car swerved and nearly hit one of several Joshua trees as they entered Zion National Park. The highway became a desert road, then it disappeared in the hard sand. Under the black blanket of night, I tell you the only thing seen were those Joshua trees sparsely rising from the rocky ground. Leah quickly stifled herself from saying look out. David mistook her muttering for another kick and clapped again. If it wasn't for the bright, crescent moon that night, they might have died. We might see fine, pup, but these apes were used to the scabs of cities which defied night. Listen, when standing beneath the sprawl of such a city, I tell you, you might be lucky to even notice moon when she's full. When they drove their car away from the city's claws without their headlights on, their black car disappeared in night's shadow. Only Luna with her crescent eye could be seen, and whom she chose to favor.
Caressing the leather steering wheel of his 82 midnight cadillac, David said, "There's another one, another Joshua tree." His wives quickly added an amen. "I love telling about the Joshua tree. " Again his wives  gave out an amen. "Moses was old and he needed help." Amen. "Moses was old and he couldn't raise his arms. He had Aaron on one side, but he had Joshua on the other." Amen. "With Joshua, Moses could raise his arms." Amen. "With Joshua, Moses could call to God." Amen. "God came down when Joshua helped Moses." Amen. "God came down and He slew the enemy of the Hebrews." Amen. David began to drive while clapping and continuing in a song he sung many times before. "Then Moses died, but just before he died," Amen, "he said, make Joshua the leader of the chosen." Amen. "And Joshua knew how to raise his arms, and he raised his arms." Amen. "He raised his arms like Moses." Amen. "He raised his arms, and he called down the Lord our God." Amen. "Joshua raised his arms and the walls of Jericho fell." Amen. "Joshua raised his arms and the sun stayed its course for two days." Amen. "With the sun giving its light, the chosen slew the Canaanites." Amen. "With Joshua's raised arms, not one Canaanite lived past that day." David turned to look at Leah and shouted, "Hosanna in the highest! And we saw Joshua in the desert sands of Utah!" Amen. "When our men fought the heathen, Brigham stood and pointed, look at those trees!" Amen. "Brigham said, look how those branches reach for God like Joshua!" Amen. "With Joshua here not one Ute will live past this day!" Amen. "With Joshua here we will make for ourselves the promised land!"

You are doing something very sacred here, something very daring, during your life upon the earth. You are defining yourself, and then recreating yourself anew, in each golden moment of Now.