Author Topic: Here is a list of some free MMoRPG's that I have found while browsing.  (Read 617 times)


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    • Strange Odds and Ends There are quite a few different types of MMoRPGs if your tastes vary. My personal favorite out of them is Battle of the Immortals. Kitsu Saga is really fun, and completely different than you're normal MMoRPG, seeing as you get a tiny Kitsune once you hit a certain level, and it'll pick up your treasures. It's a really interesting game in general, although it lags, I'm not sure if it's the game or my computer, once I get my tower up I'll let you know  This game looks really awesome, I haven't played it yet seeing as my laptop isn't really good for games... But as soon as I do play it, I'll write a review for it.

I'll add more games as I find them, however, these ones are some of the games that I've found that are free to play.
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