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This should be a discussion starter.

Do you think that some people are put on this earth just as place-holders?

Not even born, they don't have parents, they're jsut zapped down to earth, fleshy and fake, with bright, shiney eyes, as Satan's cameras or something.

I realize that's a little specific, but it's just a thought. I've come across lots of suspicious people that I don't find are "real." I've been accustomed to calling them Flashbulbs because their eyes pick up light in a weird way, kind of like red eye created by the flashbulb of a camera.

Its possible.....

First thing that jump's to mind is alien/ non-human infiltrators as shapeshifters. Especially in positions of power where they can influence the masses through media & money, directing attention away from external threats.
Just a theory, and a grim one-but I'm a naturally suspicious person and always look for ulterior motives on why people (or non-people) do some things.

No, don't really think so.

Well, Im a mad hatter, sooo, would it surprise ya if i told ya i knew what you were talking about?


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