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Warzone 2100
« on: November 30, 2011, 09:32:36 AM »

Anyone ever played this RTS?  It's a good game.  There are over 400 research options to choose from.  In addition there are no preset units in the game.  You get to "build" each unit in your army based off of your research choices

The game out in 1997 (I think).and since become open source.  The group that has been developing it are doing some great work.  The game as a whole feels balanced.  There is also a user made map editor.

The single player is nice in that what you research carries over from mission to mission.  With over 40 missions spread across 3 campaigns there plenty of game to play. 

The multiplayer is even better.  Choosing your tech path is one of the most challenging decisions of any RTS.

Id be interested in trying to start a clan/league if there are enough players.
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