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Christopher Walken in 2008?




Didn't Know where else to put this... :roll:

Remember the Dead Zone!

Why not? Could things be anymore insane than they are now???? Plus, he's a good dancer. lol What was that cool video he was in not too long ago?

Devious Viper:
8) Fat Boy Slim "Weapon Of Choice"  8)
His campaign launch message looks reasonable:
"Our great country is in a terrible downward spiral. We're outsourcing jobs, bankrupting social security, and losing lives at war. We need to focus on what's important - paying attention to our children, our citizens, our future. We need to think about improving our failing educational system, making better use of our resources, and helping to promote a stable, safe, and tolerant global society. It's time to be smart about our politics. It's time to get America back on track."

Zak Roy Yoballa:
Unfortunately its the same political crap that comes out of every politician's mouth.  Lots of hot air and very little substance.  Note that they never give specifics on exactly what they want to do.  That would pigeon hole them and that is what politicians don't want.  If we could get them to commit to a course of action that would help but....it just won't happen.  

He can dance though....


Not meaning to spread disinfo, but unfortunately this has since shown to probably be a hoax. His publicist came foward a few days ago and announced that the rumors were "100% inaccurate," though, publicists have been known to lie, so who knows..There might be a chance he is running. It would be interesting, but it's probably only a rumor.. :?

Sorry all..Col. Angus can dance though....! :lol:  Very unique actor, but all presidents are made from, or turned into puppets, in the end..


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