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Next Total Solar Eclipse 3/29/06


Like the new forum catagories BTW... 8)
Total solar eclipse to be seen in March 2006
18:43 | 10/ 08/ 2005
ST. PETERSBURG, August 10 (RIA Novosti - Northwest, Olga Vtorova) - A total solar eclipse will occur on March 29, 2006, the director of the Main Observatory in St. Petersburg said Wednesday.
Alexander Stepanov said people would be able to see the eclipse in Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, the Caucasus, the Caspian Sea coast, northern Kazakhstan and Altai (South Siberia). He added that the eclipse would be visible from St. Petersburg, but not in its entirety.
A partial solar eclipse will be seen on October 3, 2005, said observatory staff member Sergei Smirnov. The shadow of the Moon will sweep a band through the Atlantic Ocean, Spain, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the North Caucasus, Ukraine and Southern Europe.
Smirnov also said that the closest approach between Earth and Mars would occur on October 30, 2005

wait wait wait so ur saying by march next year the world is gonna end?

What he is implying is merely planetary cycles. Although it is possible for a planet's orbit to change that of another in close contact. It would create a Pole Shift. Currently, Earths 'axes' is slipping anyways.

This would be catastrophic to this planet's perfect orbit that makes. Itís.......just, just still the right climate to support life for awhile yet. :)

also the shift of the magentic poles.i cant wait for that to happen

Emm..You look forward to such an event.  :shock:

yes that too. That could happen without any real cause of effect other then natural forces like earthquakes speeding up the process.


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