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The Pope and the Pancake


It's a sign!! Where's Mel Gibson? Seriously though, that looks pretty manufactured... :roll:

Image of pope seen in pancake
By Brad Edwards
(Jackson, October 10, 2005, 11:00 p.m.) In the often mundane of everyday life, some tend to look for extra meaning. That can come in many forms, whether it be a voice, a gesture, or a vision. And sometimes these things can take on a greater meaning.
This story started with a picture from a viewer. But really, it started with breakfast.
One Sunday morning, Myrna Kincaid's life changed with the flip of a pancake.
"Look at my pancake," she reflects. "It looks like, looks like the pope."
"I thought it could very well look like him," said Jay, her husband.
Instead of eating the pancake bite by bite, they stored it in the freezer and scurried to church. But, what to make of this, they thought.
Luke Galen is a Grand Valley State University professor who teaches a course on psychology in religion. "That one's pretty accurate as far as these pictures go," said Galen.
The Kincaids aren't the first to see religion in an everyday item. The Virgin Mary has been spotted in a tree, Baby Jesus in a pretzel, demons in the smoke billowing from the towers on Sept. 11, 2001, and the Lady Guadalupe salt stain in Chicago. There was even a Virgin Mary that appeared on a toasted cheese sandwich. It sold for $28,000 on Ebay, according to Galen.
Galen says something like this is nearly always pure coincidence with a scientific explanation. Simply put, the pope was randomly burned in by butter.
"If you were God, would you appear in a pancake or put it up in a cloud for everyone to see it like skywriting?" asks Galen.
Dr. Robert Marco is the Chair of Theology at Aquinas College. He says the pope in a pancake picture looks pretty accurate. But, he doubts it has religious meaning. He adds it is probably a fluke.
"We may see something in the very ordinary that relates us to something beyond us," Dr. Marco said.
The thought is that can be good for the individual, but probably not of God.
The Kincaids in Jackson don't really know why the picture appeared. But, three weeks to the day after the Father's Day revelation, they were blessed. Myrna had a baby boy who they decided to name John. And, John, they say, never cries.
As for the pancake, they plan to hang onto it because, they say, how often does that happen?

Interesting... I know a chef who could make an almost exact copy of that  :?


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