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Nordic sightings
« on: November 02, 2005, 12:55:50 AM »
First, I'm not one to fall into believing too much about aliens and all this, though I won't deny that I've had a lot of strange experiences that I can't explain in my I'm pretty open.  Let's say a sceptical believer...

So here's my little story... I'm on the Canadian west coast, and one day I was sitting on a rock on a secluded beach just staring out at the ocean and this strange thing happened.  I saw these people, it was kind of a peripheral thing.  I couldn't say I was staring at them at first. I kind of spaced out, almost like I was in a dream.  There was this strange dialogue in my head and the word "nordic" came up. I knew it concerned the people I was 'seeing.'  

They were about fifty yards down the beach - and they were big people.  Tall, not really bulky. I think it was a man and a woman, though it felt like there were others.  When I actually looked at them, what I could see from where I was, all I can say is that they looked like normal people, just bigger and in odd dress, something timeless but earthy like strong hemp clothes.  They looked rugged. There was this strange feeling of peace about them, they exuded a kindness, and I never flet threatened at any point.  

So, this weird dialogue went on, almost in visuals and not so much in words, as if I was being told a story.  This connection kept me planted on my rock. I didn't need to approach them, it was almost as if I was with them through the visuals, kind of like an out-of-body feeling.   The "story" I figure "they" were telling me, was about crossing the ocean, though I gathered that the "ocean" meant something else, like travelling great distances that I couldn't really understand.  They were mariners who travelled without boundaries.  

Now, I wouldn't have written this, I haven't even thought about it in over a year, if I didn't happen on a description of the Nordic "aliens".  I don't know what brought me to look this up. I can't even remember, but I had never heard of Nordic aliens before this and everything flooded back when I read the description.  It surprized me because I remembered all this pretty well.  The word "nordic" has sat with me for some time, and I simply thought that the people reminded me of Nordic peoples (swedes, fins etc.), but the strangeness of that day has never left me, and finding that there is some 'alien' connection got me thinking.  Who knows.

Like I said, I'm the first to admit that I'm sceptical about all this, but if anyone has ever had an experience with the "Nordics" please post it up. We can attempt to see if there is something to these guys...

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Re: Nordic sightings
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2006, 06:02:45 PM »
are nordic people not scandanavian? the civilization that the vikings came from I believe, though I could be wrong.


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Re: Nordic sightings
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2006, 01:22:15 AM »
As a, (Human) race. A Nordic Human is best described as a Native European. or Norsemen. We originate from Norway and western parts of Sweden.

We are strikingly similar, not only in appearance, but also in are cultural descriptions.

 The Supernatural Nordics are a good representation of what every Viking Warrior, wanted to be in there afterlife. Valhalla…

Men would strive for a, Valor like stance of authority in the name of Heavenly, War Gods. The behavior is with a more aggressive approach. Looking into the Viking lifestyle is not so stereo typical given are adaptability and mastering other abilities other then pagan Killings.

The two races almost, mirror each other and it could be a possibility that the Angelic Nordics had influenced this Norwegian race like they had to so many other ancient human civilizations of the past.

This kind of profound interferences is the Angelic Nordics main weapon called, Deceit. These Angelic Nordics have long been, Spiritually Corrupt, and are currently headed on a path of annihilation for there disruption to mankind. They…are, astral travelers yes but would surly find them self’s trapped within the confines of space no matter what dimension they are exploring. There fall to this (physical) Planet Earth has dominated there lives as the center arena for waging spiritual battles against there own Creator. Because of this, They are prone to all trials of humanity and so this is what diminishes there existence. There main objective here on Earth is to indoctrinate Man to a one-way Alien concept for future domination, by means of Contact. There time is vary short so there survival depends on deceiving the masses with a ‘positive’ approach to usher in such an undertaking.
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