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Crop Circle Connection
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(Western Daily Press, UK 7 April 2006)

Amazing film footage of mysterious lights hovering over crop circles in the West
Country [was] shown at the 11th annual Unexplained Mysteries conference at
Dorchester, the first time the films have been seen in public. One of the films
was shot near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire by Kerry Blower, of East Kennet, near

She was filming the landscape around a crop circle when suddenly a "glistening
diamond" appeared at the top of a tree and moved down to hover over the
formation. Then a second light appeared, waited for two people to pass, and then
dropped down to the crop.

"It was incredibly exciting, but I was nervous too, " Kerry said.

"The way the lights moved seemed intelligent, as if they were looking for
something. I can't find any logical explanation of what they are.

It's totally intriguing." Only a few weeks ago Kerry encountered the same
phenomenon at nearby Woodborough Hill, but didn't have her camcorder with her
that time.

[Conference organiser David Kingston] said: "Kerry's footage is really
incredible. We are recording more of these balls of light, and they are not the
natural Earth lights which are due to the compression of quartz in the Earth,
which causes a discharge.

"These don't follow that pattern because they seem to be intelligently guided.
They will approach a hedge and go up over it. Some appear prior to crop circles
forming, and others afterwards." The question is: could these lights be
connected with the creation of crop circles? Lately, David, who has had a
lifelong interest in the paranormal, UFOs and the "unexplained", has been
working on "Project X" with university parapsychology departments and a
worldwide research team investigating such matters.

It was in 1957, while serving in the RAF on Christmas Island for Britain's
nuclear tests, and also in Australia, that David saw his first UFOs. "With the
knowledge I gained in the military I have recently started to provide
remote-viewing courses which I believe is a skill that should be used for the
benefit and peace of mankind, not as a military weapon, " he added.