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UFO over Zagreb, cropcircles (Croatia)
« on: June 19, 2006, 05:07:44 PM »
Three days ago father and son were doing barbecue in their back yard, when suddenly father looks at the boy, which was staring into the sky, frozenlike. he looks up, and notices something like UFO, and runs back into the house to pick his camera. When he got back, it was more away, but he took snaps of it, and it was all over newspaper here. He said that he never believed in that kind of stuff, but that it was really kind of weird, and he knew what it was when he saw it.
This is what came out in newspaper:

Zagreb On June 9, 2006, Srdjan Martincic was playing soccer with his 9 year old son when he stopped playing, looked into the sky and asked "Daddy, "What's that?". Later his father that he looked up because he heard strange buzz. The Father says I didn't hear anything. The son pointed to a dark symmetrical object at 5:30 PM, that started approaching them vertically. Srdjan states, "By the time I grabbed my camera it changed direction and went some 2-3 km to the south. I cannot exactly say how close it was, because I have no idea about the size of this thing, but I guess it would be 300-500 meters." Srdjan Martincic Age: 33 is manager in small company and a naval architect BSE. Source / Credit:
ps: I`ll post photo, just need to find it on the net. Its here somewhere.

Strangely enough, day before, crop circles were found near Zagreb......I`ll post photo as well.

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Re: UFO over Zagreb, cropcircles (Croatia)
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This is a good pic of it: