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The Arkansas Demon
« on: December 01, 2007, 03:44:40 AM »
      When I was about ten years old my family and me went on a vacation in the Ozarks in the winter of 96. The second night there we stopped under a fifty foot cliff for a short break, it was about midnight, we were thirty six miles south of Eureka Springs. My Dad and me walked to the otherside of the road to look down at War Eagle Creek. My Mom was still at the car resting because she had hurt her leg a week befor we took the trip. Anyways, as we reached the edge of the downward slope towards the river a really violent noise started up on top of the cliff behind us. Naturally we turned around and shined the flashlight up there at what ever it was.
      What we at the time thought was tail lights on a car was shineing back at us. They didn't seem to puzzle us until they started moveing around and blinking. I was getting cold and decided to get back inside the car. My Mom was already on her way over to my Dad as I passed head for the car. She reached my Dad, he showed the red glowing reflections too. My Dad suggested they might be vehicle lights but, my Mom pointed out there was no road or any passage up there. The next thing that ruled out a car was there was no room for one up there.
      Heavy woods came right up to a fence, the fence itself had maybe at the most a foot between it and the drop off. My Dad wondered what kind of bear it could be then if it wasn't a vehicle or somebody. The fact of no sounds of any engine running also ruled out human intervention was at fault here. Right about then I shut the car door and what ever it was just vanished. It stayed gone maybe a few seconds and when they seen it again it was up over the car above me looking down. It looked like it was getting ready to jump on top of the roof and cave it in on me!
      Thats when my Mom said she seen it and it was nothing I have ever heard in strange creatures befor. She said it had huge rectangular shaped eyes that had no pupils, white parts, just solid red glow like a burning hot coal had been put in its sockets. Its hands and feet had long razor looking claws. It had a dark blackish skin that either shined or was covered in a type of slime. It was kneeling down but still it was as big as a small car and had the body build of a professional wrestler.
      Its heads shape was like a wicked jester's face and shape. It was looking at me then turned slowly to flash a sinister grin at my Mom. She said it was like it told me, " I've got your baby now! All you can do is watch! You won't stop me! I'm going to kill him"! She screamed at it, " You demon SOB thats my baby and you will go throught me to get to him"! She had already bolted for the car and got inside when my Dad finally snapped on to what she had said. He never saw what it was but heard what she had said. He thought to himself," Demon looking? What the heck did she see..."! Thats when it hit him to run too!
      We got out of there and never stopped until we reach Eureka Springs to rent a hotel room. My Mom never could say for sure if it had  wings or not. I didn't see what she saw that night but my Dad and I did notice something being not quite right there. The animals and bugs we had heard that night at all the other stops we made were for some reason deathly silent here. A rotting flesh smell filled the air so much it almost choked you to breath it in. The atmosphere or feeling in that area was really oppressive like. Its like the feeling you get right befor something extremely bad is going to happen, like an evil Omen of some sort. The wind didn't even seem to dare this place, so in my mind as well as my parents, something extremely sinister was prowling the Arkansas mountains that cold winter night, I call it, The Arkansas Demon! <^>
      I have heard stories of detailed descriptions of bigfoot and I assure you this was no cryptic beast I have ever heard or read about anywhere! I have had several encounters with the paranormal but this one stands out the most to me. I have waited for years for the time to come so I could voice this thing to people in this field of research! I love people dedicated to these fields of study that most ridicule you in. I beleive all things are possible, even the most far fetched. So thanks for giving people like us a chance to speak in hopes that one day we can all stand together and say," We finally understand just where we stand in a world shadowed by mystery beyond the understanding of the closed minds and the endless ridicule. We are a truly gifted race of beings 0:)"!


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Re: The Arkansas Demon
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I really wish I could learn more about this..