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Memories before here?
« on: February 28, 2009, 01:08:26 PM »
Okay, i'm kinda nervous about posting this, so please be gentle...

I do a lot of meditation and I've searched for well over 20 yrs in hopes of regaining knowledge that I have lost through the years.  I'm alright with most everything that I've unlocked in my own memories and thoughts, there is however one that keeps bugging me to find out more...

During several meditative sessions I have seen the following and I'm hoping that some one else can help with with suggestions or even give me some insight into a direction that I can go:

I saw a place, not of earth that was had a white stone like substance on the ground and a grey sky.  The buildings were of similar architecture of the Romans (with the pillars and art sculptures every where).  The buildings were of the same material as the ground, which reminded me of a white glowing marble type substance.    Next to the area in which the beings were was this blue gel-like water substance.  I remember being told earlier that the sea was a dangerous place and that the creatures in it would kill.

The beings themselves were tall (6-7ft), very slender and seemed to be partially transluscent yet white and kind of glowy.  Their eyes were large and almond shaped without lids.  The area of where the pupil, etc would have been was black.  They walked like us, but without joints, their body was almost fluid like and they moved very gracefully.  They appeared to be similar to the that movie about mars with the face. ( i didn't see the movie till after these sessions and it came as a shock to me when I did see it).

They didn't have mouths, but communicated telepathically.  I remember it being peaceful and very beautiful.  They moved through tubes and were vegetarian, eating only the fruits of their home.  One of the nearby trees grew this round fruit that was kind of bluish in color, but when you ate it the juice was a reddish colour, almost like a deep rose.  It was very sweet and was considered a delicacy.

I have to make a note here before I continue...  In my sessions, I was one of them.  So from here on out, i'm going to talk about this from my perspective as I saw myself in the sessions.

I remember that I didn't feel a temperature.  There was no skin, only energy.  we never touched one another, however when we ate it was through a type of osmosis.  The fruit was put near where the human mouth is and it just kinda moved through the outlying layer as though a bite was taken.  There were schools and many many other buildings, including something like a courthouse.  I was young so I wasn't aware of everything there.

I remember that there were other beings there, not like us.  Some of the elders had traveled to other places and brought back others to live in harmony with us.  Some were like servants, but they weren't slaves.  They were free to do as they wished.

A little later, the sky darkened and there was a very loud explosion sound and an alarm sounded.  Everyone started running and I could hear the chattering of fear in my mind.  I remember hearing my father.  He told me that it was time to go.

I told him I didn't want to leave, I didn't want to go.  I was a afraid.  He calmed me and told me that "They were here" and that "they were destroying our world for what we had done to them".  He said that he was sending me to earth and that I would return home when all was safe.  He told me that I wouldn't be alone, that he was sending me with (there was a name, but I can't remember it) and that he would take care of me.

I remember being very upset and being taken to this roundish oval shaped shiny, liquid type metal ship.  As i walked up into it, I turned around to see my father and I saw this really bright light beam destroy the school.  I was pulled further into the ship and encased in this glass type tube and told to relax, that when I woke up i would be safe.

The next thing I remember is walking out of the ship and feeling this warmth and seeing this green stuff all over.  I knew it as a trees.  My body had changed, i was more solid, but still partially fluid.  I was more of a pale bisque colour, but still without skin.  From there, I jumped to standing on a tall flat rock next to my companion.  He was communicating with this other creature that looked unlike us.  He was very awkward and brownish tan in colour.  He had black hair and dark eyes.  The trees surrounded us and it was so warm.  I remember half listening to my companion and this hole on the face of the other being moving and verbal sounds came out. (Later realized that this was a human, possibly around the Aztec area).

I remember my companion telling it that we had come seeking safety because our home was being destroyed.  He told it that he would teach it many things in exchange for allowing us to live peacefully amoungst them until we could return home.  It was unsure and seem untrusting of us, which I didn't understand.  I though to myself that they were like babies and had so little knowledge.  My companion held out his hand and touched it.  It got this strange look and then agreed.

From then on we lived with these beings, taught them more efficient ways to communicate, build and even did some genetic altering of them to enhance their understanding and abilities to survive.  Many years passed and another ship came with others in it.  I remember that my companion left to go home and I decided to stay, telling him to tell my father that I would return when all was finished.  That there was much left to be done before I could return. 

After that, I lost the connection. 

I just remind you that I have seen this place many times and these beings many times in my sessions.  I also get the feeling that I will be going home soon, even though it's an odd feeling and that I'm not even sure what that means or where "home" is.  It's almost like I can hear my father calling me, telling me it's time.

Any thoughts, comments and/or ideas are welcome. 


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Re: Memories before here?
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2009, 02:13:39 PM »
I'm sorry, Rainn, but when I 'look' into this... it's like looking into a small pond where someone has laid out a very convincing sea-floor landscape painting - there's nothing "real" about its depth, only the idea of the depths.

My thought is that you lapsed into a dream while meditating, and dreamed of a reality that was more desirable to you than this one... and then your desire for such a reality took hold and magnified it into something monstrous in its size and vividness. The fact that there is no connection beneath the surface tells me that this is true.

If you need more convincing; look at your descriptions:

Beings comprised of energy, or a form of matter less solid than it is in this Universe, and the water is of a different density. It's almost as if the laws of physics, as we understand them, were turned on their ears. In your panorama, you describe two different matter densities which are direct opposites of one another and also opposites of what they would naturally be in this Universe. Even allowing for this all taking place in another Universe, the laws of physics as we know them would not even begin to apply there, and a being such as you describe could not possibly survive in such an alien environment.

Now we come to the description of the beings themselves, as being tall, slightly above human average height, and with no joints in their legs, and almond-shaped eyes, no mouth, etc. Do you realize that you have given an anthropomorphic description of a classic grey alien? The only major deviations from this in fact, are in regards to the height and the lack of a mouth.

Third, the "attack". What you're describing are weapons requiring insane amounts of energy - being used by beings who apparently have no such level of technological capacity in their world. Even assuming that biological creations could wield such power, certainly they would be kamikaze creatures, designed for one time use. Why would any beings in a Universe such as you describe wield such horrendous weapons, and against a race which allegedly did some egregious wrong to them? And even more importantly, how could a race such as the one you describe your past self belonging to cause such a calamity for another race? It just seems completely out of character.

No, I cannot believe that this is a recovered memory; it seems more like a much sought after dream.


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Re: Memories before here?
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2009, 08:20:09 PM »
  To me it sounds like some of the recollections I have heard from others who claim they had past live as Atlantians.  Almost to the letter it sounds like this.  So Miss Atlantian, do you remember else of your past life, something we could perhapse use to unlock the location of your past home?
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