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We're all Anticits
« on: May 11, 2009, 09:07:31 AM »
Human Beings exist throughout the universe.
Source of Information
Anticits are endoskeletal humans with bicameral brains.
A recent evolution of human being in the universe, Anticits evolved
with bicameral brains to accelerate the mission of the universe.
Anticits are not common. They exist in some galaxies formed
early in the history of the universe, but do not exist in recently formed
galaxies. In galaxies where Anticits do exist, the numbers of them on
individual planets can be large.
An Anticitís brain is identical to the other endoskeleton bicameral brained
humans throughout the universe, Realcits. In the first stage
of Anticit evolution, only one side of their brains operated. This side
of the brain operates automatically so Anticits can adapt quickly to
their physical environment. This provides a higher percentage of
Anticitsí survival as physical beings, compared to the evolution of
the earlier human types, Hosts. Initially, heartbeat and respiration
rates, body temperature, body functions, and the calibration of the
senses functioned automatically from the one side of the brain. At this
point in its evolution, no conscious thinking was required of Anticits.
Actions required for survival are signaled to Anticits by audio and
visual hallucinations produced within one side of the brain.
Alien Witness
Carson Dane
On achievement of physical sustainability in its physical
environment, the second side of the Anticit brain begins to function.
Anticit now consciously thinks for itself, and for the first time in its
evolution, recognizes itself as an individual being.
Anticits employ their conscious thinking incorrectly. They
misuse the brains in their heads. Anticits repeatedly attempt to
use their brains to create reality, rather than to sense and integrate
reality. This unnatural use of brain suppresses mental integration
abilities and prevents evolution of synergistic brain functions in
Anticits. This results in physiological damage to the brain. The waste
products created by the damage reconstitute in Anticitsí brain stems
as a slow-moving virus. The virus causes symptoms of aging, followed
by eventual death. This virus is stubborn, gets exponentially worse
with time, and is difficult for Anticits to identify, isolate, reverse, and
eliminate. Afflicted Anticit populations often cease to exist.
In misusing their brains, Anticits create realities in their minds
that are inconsistent with the realities of the natural universe that
exists. Anticitsí mind-created realities are the construct of conclusions
and judgments they make based on their nonintegrated perceptions of
the reality of the universe. Agreements about mind-created realities
among Anticits enables the mind-created thought process matrices
upon which Anticit societies are based. Since the mind-created
realities and thought-process matrices are based on nothing real,
Anticitsí efforts and energies are wasted, and do not move the mission
of the universe forward. Instead, Anticitsí wasted energies and efforts
accelerate the processes of aging and death.
A common symptom in Anticits owing to misuse of their brains
as a reality-creating organ instead of the reality-sensing organ is
for them to confuse the brain with the pumping heart. When this
happens, signals between the two sides of the brain become confused,
affecting the senses of taste, smell, and touch. Then, senses of taste
and smell default to limited capabilities. Additionally, signals between
the sides of the brain become confused, creating a sense of touch for
the pumping heart of the Anticit body. Unnaturally, the false sense
of touch for the pumping heart confuses signals between the brain
and heart. Sensations of mind, now felt falsely in the heart, are stored
in compartments in the Anticit brain, replacing the reality sensing
and integration spaces there. Then the dreaming process becomes
confused, and discontinues working as naturally intended.
Complications of the unnatural reassignment of brain function
result in most Anticits as follows: Anticitsí consciousnesses default
back to the autonomic guidance existence, provided by the single side
of the brain before evolution into consciousness. This makes Anticits
vulnerable to other Anticits, beings, and external authority schemes.
Some Anticits create external authority schemes to obtain values for
themselves at the expense of other Anticits. Taking advantage of other
Anticitsí yearnings for autonomic guidance, some work to provide mind
created realities as thought process matrices which many other Anticits
find acceptable. Such conjured-up reality replacements allow many
Anticits to easily feel secure in what they think is reality when it is not.
Respected and followed, Anticit leaders of Anticit societies skillfully
camouflage and disguise their destructive intentions as beneficial.
They apply their schemes confidently to usurp values from many other
Anticits, as their value usurping destructions on Anticit societies
remain undetected by their duped Anticit followers. Compromised
senses of smell and taste allow Anticits to deal with the stench that
comes as a part of the aging and death processes that result.
Existing in a state of mind-created realities presents other problems
for Anticit societies. In such a state, Anticits approach any new ideas,
concepts, and observations with disbelief, anger, and superstition.
Anticits do not integrate new ideas, concepts, or observations, they
fight and argue over them and their existence. If new ideas, concepts,
or observations do not fit an existing mind-created reality matrix,
Anticits generally reject the existence of such summarily or fight to
eliminate them. It becomes increasingly important to Anticits to
preserve their investments in whatever mind-created reality matrix
they have invested. Anticits use superstition to describe and invent
answers for things they do not understand.
Alien Witness
Carson Dane
The development of ego is a symptom displayed by Anticits
due to the misuse of their brains. In Anticits, ego development is a
defensive response to escape the destructive effects resulting from
external authority scheme abuses. Mind-created reality matrices
enable external authority scheme abuses of Anticits by other Anticits.
Ego development then evolves to skepticism, because, as a victim of
destructive value usurpations by other Anticits, Anticits use their
brains to create a mental matrix that puts itself at the center where
new ideas, concepts, or observations must be proved to it. This does
not improve an Anticitís condition, make it smarter, closer to reality,
or advance its evolution. It does make Anticits feel better about
themselves and in control when they are not.
It is difficult for Anticits to evolve further. It often takes thousands
of years before Anticits understand that the terrestrial planets on
which they live are not at the center of a solar system and are not flat.
Additionally, once an Anticit knows realities such as these, it often
takes hundreds of years more for fellow Anticits to agree that facts as
simple as those are true.
Anticits who work hard to overcome obstacles and discover new
information, face risk of harm or destruction from other Anticits,
especially when the new information does not fit with current
established and agreed upon reality substitute matrices in use by
fellow Anticits.
Anticits are generally not visited by other beings in the universe.
Other beings find no value in being challenged to explain things to
Anticits, especially things that Anticits do not want to believe or have
no understanding of. It is difficult to communicate with Anticits,
beings that slowly kill themselves by make believing, mis-describing,
and misinterpreting the reality around them. Additionally, the stink
of aging and death accumulates in the atmosphere of Anticit planets,
making visits unpleasant.
Because of the way that Anticitsí brains become troubled,
many are easily fooled into thinking that a knowledge of opposites
is the same as knowledge of all things. This makes it easy for some
Anticits to take advantage of others by use of non-sequitors and
Anticitsí misuse of their brains as a reality-creating organ instead
of a reality sensing and information-integrating organ continues. The
crippling sense of touch factor between the heart-pumping organ of
Anticitsí bodies and their brains remains or intensifies. In some Anticits,
this mind-to-heart transfer becomes so complete that it causes some
to believe that the heart does the thinking. Afflicted Anticits become
completely reliant on external authorities, mind-created or Anticit,
for all cognition and become increasingly selfless as human beings.
As selfless human beings, they are blinded to their eternal authority
residing inside themselves as individuals. Selflessness is not a good
thing for Anticit. Selfless Anticits easily fall victim to the schemes
of conniving Anticits seeking rule and control masses of fellow
Anticits make believe why things happen, and invent causes
to explain things they do not like or understand. An Anticit often
assigns cause to itself for something it had nothing to do with, so
as to explain natural disasters and bad weather events. For example,
when the surface of a terrestrial planet quakes under an Anticitís
feet and scares it, an Anticit will commonly assign cause to itself
for something it might have done or not done, even unknowingly,
as the cause for the quake. Anticits invent the cause, when the real
reason for the quake is shifting of tectonic plates beneath the planetís
Anticits do not always understand that actions from human beings
are not required for everything to happen. With catastrophic events
of nature, Anticits commonly assign the cause as noncompliance with
the edicts of the current mind-created reality matrix. When a natural
catastrophe destroys a group of Anticits, survivors quickly point out
any differences in mind-created reality matrices or customs as the
cause of such event, while at the same time adjusting and increasing
their investments in their own mind-created reality matrix. Sometimes
Anticits find themselves confronted with reality, but they usually
Alien Witness
Carson Dane
work their way around this to continue the way they were before the
Anticits sometimes survive to evolve to industrial technology and
business-like thinking. Theoretically, Anticits have an opportunity to
identify the virus on their brainstems and reverse the effects but this
rarely happens. The existence of industrial technology means that ideas
of the mind are grounded in reality, a process that forces entelechy
onto the mind of the Anticit and brings an awareness of business-like
thinking. The onset of business-like thinking creates conflict in the
Anticit mind when confronted with honest and dishonest business.
Dishonest business favors the Anticitsí existing mind-created reality
matrices. Unknown to most Anticits, honest business is the antidote
for Anticitsí superstition.
Anticit societies generally fail to surpass the advanced technology
thresholds needed to survive. Most commonly, Anticits succumb to
annihilation by failing to surpass the nuclear technology threshold.
When the nuclear threshold is safely surpassed, few Anticits recognize
the need to protect against or eliminate anomalies inherent in many
solar systems and present in extra-solar system space that can cause
catastrophic events on the planet where they live.
Anticits are a partial success. Their bodies, even dead and
decomposed in the ground, have a basic ratio of chemicals suitable
for renovation and reuse as a replica humans. However, Anticitsí
dead bodies are mostly passed over for this purpose, as simpler, more
economical designs are used for most replica worker-related purposes.
The consciousness configuration for Anticits stays intact for efficient
reuse. Nevertheless, Anticits are largely passed over and left behind,
as the mission of the universe moves onward without them. The limits
of resource efficiency physics are stretched to consider the future
existence of Anticits.
Another partial success for Anticits is that their music is played
and enjoyed throughout the universe.
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ďThe cause for aging and death in human types must be using the brain in manners inconsistent with reality.  The reality of nature is whatever it is; perhaps believing it is something other than what it is, is deadly.Ē