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And it gets better: Global warming is just the tip of the iceberg... There are supposedly giant meteors headed for earth, which have a 1 in 500 chance of hitting earth. Even if it crashes into an ocean, the tidal waves it will create will dwarf the recent tsunami in southeast asia, and the destruction will be akin to ten copies of the largest nuclear warhead ever built going off.    
       Not to mention pollution, disappearing rainforests, starvation, diseases like SARS, and our disappearing ozone layer.....  
   Yep.... One thing is for sure: Humanity is really screwed...

Of course humanity if screwed..If not that It will just kill itselfs fate was seilded the second there was another race such as.. mexican or french.. They want only themselves to feel safe with so they want to eleminate the alternative so they will eventually blow each other up..
And by the way do you really think you can predict the futer, i've herd stuff like this so many times i totally diddnt even give it a second thought

Well I didnt say I was predicting the future... just watched the horizon program and that is what they had said could happen if the world doesn't change the way it burns the oil and coal and all the toxic stuff that is going into our atmosphere...

There is no future prediction going on here it is sciantific fact...has been proven through tests and stuff...and they say this will happen if the ppl of the world dont change the way things are burnt...like coal and oil and stuff...


And it is exactly that kind of attitude towards global warming that causes it....

maggot man:
Give it up,guys. You can't fight the energy and fuel lobby. They run the world.


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