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Well its kinda your expertice in this area but anyway I see super natural stuff a lot mostly ghosts though, they're smaller than you'd expect anyway I was at a school assembally and i got board so i went and snuck into a room that had no lights on and was pitch dark and all that stuff. Anyway a part of the room was really darker than the other strangely the very darkness resembled a giagantic ogre carrying a club. I stood there a few seconds intrested in it. Suddenly it started to move twords the staires oposit to me and walked down them slowly I could exactly see its feet me it seemed to more like float anyway I got really freeked out and left that room wanna comment shadow?

Hmmmm.... That's not very typical of a Shadow. Shadows are so powerful, they find it amusing to take on the form of a small child (or teen) simply because it is comepletly oppisite from thier true form. This brings into question of why it would have been in the form of an ogre. The nastier the form they take, the less confiadent they are in themselves, and have to resort to scare tactics. But Shadows are generally powerful, so it probably wasn't one you were seeing. Sorry if that doesn'tt help much, but Shadows pretty much fit thier stereotypes, so that probably wasn't a Shadow. It was probably some stupid hobgoblin or shapshifter trying to  freak you out. And, by the way, aren't teachers aids supposed to be responsible? You really don't seem the type. Sneaking out of an assembly, I ask you....


Well i...I diddnt really sneek out it was a door in the place where the assemlbally was and it was crowded so i had to stand in the back and there was a door right there so i went in. When you say shape shifter do you mean it was something phisical? like it was actually there because it was pretty quite when it was walking It was like 10 feet tall but i seen other things that were probly shadows but they were smaller and less scarey this one was like HOLY $&*@! WHAT IS THAT??? so i posted it pretty neet huh?


Ty that helped alot =P


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