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an essay, tell me what you think and opinion and what i should fix.


The little flickers you see at the corners of your eyes are known as shadows. Usually they have a constantly changing form, if you can see them long enough like i am able to do. Quite shy, but curious; this is why you see them. They normally do not present themselves to people/person(s) except for flickers. They are types of spirits, i believe anyway, looking for an empty shell or a chance to step into light, for they do not have much ability to do anything in the daytime. They find said empty shell usually in early pregnancies of humans or otherwise.

These are not to be feared for they are benevolent. Just spirits looking for a home or some one to attach to temporarily. Now this is quite uncommon to my knowledge. They are not leeches, not actively sucking the energy from someone. They merely take in what we and most creatures give off. Our extra energy or electical impulse. A surplus if you will. This is a feeding in such a way that we are usually not aware of it. They do not take so much as to bring your notice. They are passive and benevolent, always.

Now shades, they are another matter. They have a stable shape, animal, blob, or humanoid. What ever the person they happen to cross would recognize instantly with little or no thought. They can be benevolent or malevolent. Malevolent usually hide themselves from everyone save for their victim. They are also exceptionally good at hiding from shadow seers such as myself. To my experience they attach themselves to people who do not understand what they are, and can manipulate said person they attach them selves to. They thrive off negative emotions such as anger or fear.

Now do not mistake this for a expect encounter, malevolent are not on every street corner and every dark alley. They are quite uncommon and usually require contact for such leeching to begin. If you were to find one it would be in the bones of a desecrated grave, an unblessed graveyard, some where where someone was murdered in such a way that the air is filled with violent malice. This could and probably does attract them. Mind you they are not always found in these place fore they are uncommon.

The way shades work is they distort your emotional balance and distort your views on the world, it can be and is devestating. It is subtle in the way it works. Most are very easily angered and think that everyone is against them. Everyone is evil and they can only trust in themselves, yet on some level they understand that isn't right. They are tired and fed up of the every little thing, even if its their first time experiencing it etc and what not.

Getting rid of a malevolent shade is not easy. Not in my experience. Native american rituals seem to be best, or at least your best option, bathe in blessed water may also be a option. I am not entirely sure.


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