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My 3rd Encounter with the Hat MAn


My 3rd encounter with the Hat Man I will never forget. I was sitting in a car parked on the side of the road next to someones house. Across the street was this big yard and a house next to it (of course) Anyway, my friend, Lori, went inside to drop off something for her friend and I waited in the passenger seat of the car. Mind you this was in broad daylight. I looked over into the yard across the street and I saw this darker than black figure of a man with a hat. (Thus I assume it was the hat man) I saw him stand there then bend down as if he were picking something up off of the ground. Then, for some reason, I looked away for a second wondering wth. Then I quickly looked back and there was nothing there. When Lori came back out to the car I told her what I saw. She freaked out for she had seen the Hat Man before too. She said every time she saw one, one of her friends would die. She has had a ton of friends die in the past. I never should have told her.


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