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most "monsters" posting here seem a little on the narcissistic side of things, i suppose that goes with vanity, which is one of the seven deadly sins, and those have associated demons that could apply, if one was to hunt out the seven deadly sins, it could apply but that was a good Supernatural episode, so...

...let's keep it on topic.  :)

unless it's a book on narcissistic demon hunting, the literature board would be best to discuss it in and if it's a contest of egos, continue it in the inner chamber.

next off topic post is going to be split.


--- Quote from: nuketimenoob on November 18, 2012, 05:27:26 AM ---I need to become a demon hunter asap. tThere is a huge war approaching and i want to fight in the war. Please if you are a demon hunter or know an exerienced demon hunter, contact me asap.

--- End quote ---
No. Just stop. There is no "great war" approaching. And even if there was, you do not want to fight in a war, any war. I don't think you have ever seen a man, woman, or child die have you? And I don't mean in a hospital bed nice and comfy, I mean killed.
My experience with people like you who post these things, is you are role-playing in your head.
Sorry to be blunt and rude, but would you like to give us some proof as to why you think a "war" is approaching? And also how old are you?


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