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Interesting, thought provoking thought, any elaboration?

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it was supposed to be an image of a bear clearly describing my words in a physical interpretation .. here ill post it again

i dont know why it didn't work last time  :-P

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makes more sense now...even native Americans have their negative spirits, bears are actually a good symbol and a wise warning for such pursuits. 

Oh dear. I thought we put a stop to this nonsense.

nonsense or not, it is part of demonology.


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--- Quote from: nuketimenoob on November 18, 2012, 05:27:26 AM ---I need to become a demon hunter asap. tThere is a huge war approaching and i want to fight in the war. Please if you are a demon hunter or know an exerienced demon hunter, contact me asap.

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Let me guess - you live in the USA.

I think your culture is involved in enough wars right now without declaring another one on another set of imaginary beings.

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What does the usa have to do with it, were not quite Roman...why not worry about a phantastical evil when there's so little you can do about the physically real "evil" people deal with daily? I won't deny there's a little escapism to spiritual choices.

It's unfair to pick on the Americans about war. The Middle East is at war with or without USA involvement. Besides, look how long it took them to get involved in WWII. I joke. Demon hunting is not part of demonology. Demonology is the study of demons, their spiritual significance and relevance. Hunting demons isn't something you just go and do. You need a butt load of cash for one thing for travel. It's not what it is on TV. I fact just look at all the other posts about hunting. Ignoring the sarcasm and insults you learn about what it's really like, and its no more than travelling to a suspected location, doing some research and some basic paranormal tests, then chances are you go home empty handed or with some evp, some spooky photos, as unless you have some psychic ability or are a trained exorcist you can't actually do anything. And if you are a supposed psychic most people will just assume you are a fantasist or attention seeker and ignore you. It isn't swinging enchanted swords or driving around in your Impala listening to Metallica with your broomstick full of rocksalt. Plus, don't call yourself a Demon Hunter. Makes you sound crazy when you tell people. Just say Paranormal Investigator. Sounds less fantastic but at least you won't get the cops called on you for being crazy.

I do not say any of this to be insulting. I'm just speaking from experience.


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