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fullmetal alchemist:
alchemy has been studied for a long time, and ive figured out a way to do it!!!!! :!:

Zak Roy Yoballa:
Isn't modern chemistry the result of alchemy growing up?  Perhaps you and I have a different understanding of alchemy.  Would you explain what you mean a little bit more?  I'd be happy to hear what you have to say (or read what you have to type as the case maybe!).


Actually alchemy is not that hard if you understand chemistry so Zak you are right.There are somethings in alchemy like the abilty to be able to create gold from and type of ore.This has been tried in every conciveable way.There as been many attemps to do this but all have been unsuccessful from what I know,but if figured out how to create gold would you tell anyone,I know I would not .

Zak Roy Yoballa:
From what I know about chem, it would be too costly to make gold from lead lets say because of the amount of energy needed to add the protons/neutrons/electrons necessary.  

But I understand your point.  This is a good example of a fledgling science, mans first stab at trying to figure out why milk would spoil, how fire would change colors when different stuff was added etc.

My next question would be: Do alchemists use any supernatural elements in their art?

Devious Viper:
First - Full Metal Alchemist..? Isn't that a PlayStation game?

Second- I've always kinda liked the interpretation of alchemy that it is 100% symbolic, and that it is really about transforming yourself into a better person (base metal to gold) through spiritual, divine and sexual union (eg "The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz" published 1616, an allegorical tale of the processes of "alchemy." Written in coded and highly symbolic language, the book is historically important, but also relevant today for the practicioner of spiritual alchemy or ritual magic in the Golden Dawn or Rosicrucian traditions.)

~ Viper ~

Link to read "The Chemical Wedding..." Make of it what you will - you still gotta love the symbolism!


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