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Dark Lord M:
In some eyewitness accounts people have described the Shadows as a tall man with a Hat and a cape/vest. I have seen this Shadow two times and my mom has seen them once. The time I saw him was coming out of the shower and seeing a reflection of a man wearing an odd chess hat, when I looked back he was gone. Then I was going down stairs and out of the corner of my eye I see the man looking down at me. My mother also saw him at our last house... She just saw him around the house out of the corner of her eye and he was gone. Our Monstropedia describes him in this way.

--- Quote from: Monstropedia ---Alleged eyewitness reports of these beings are often similar. In these accounts there are almost always the same forms: a blob-like cluster that sometimes has tendrils, a child-sized being, sometimes with a hood, a tall willowy figure with a jack-o'-lantern-sized head, and a tall figure with a hat. In these accounts, the figures typically follow a progression from the ambiguous blob and finally the tall man, meaning that over time they take on more human appearance.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Monstropedia ---A type of shadow being referred to as the "Hat Man" is actually more akin to the devil or a demon, Hollis revealed. He is often seen wearing a fedora hat, trench coat and three-piece suit, and might appear more solid than other shadow entities. She suggested that these very negative beings are seeking to increase their numbers by recruiting an army of people to the dark side.
--- End quote ---

What are your opinions. :spy:

Devious Viper:
Spooky thing is, during the autumn and winter when attending church or on church or paranormal business, I always wear a black 2 piece suit, black clerical shirt and white collar, black trench coat and... fedora.

I must scare the living cr*p out of some folk and don't realise it!


Dark Lord M:
I picked this up on him, he truly is the most interesting of the Shadows, and one who stands out the most

--- Quote ---This man appeared at a former roommate's bedside in the middle of the night. She could clearly see he had on a long, black trench coat of some sort.

Upon seeing this Shadow, she screamed and he did nothing but continue to stare at her. She screamed again, and he still remained. So she continued to scream at the top of her lungs, and I having the room next to hers, ran to see what the problem was for her to keep screaming like that.

She said usually the Shadows will disappear or leave once they see she's noticed them. But this Hat Man didn't seem to care, and was more focused on intimidating her. The figure disappeared shortly before I came running into her room so I didn't get to see this guy.

I've had other friends who have seen this man in other situations and have been given many accounts about him popping up all over the place. He truly should be in a category of his own, and there will be more info to come about experiences concerning him.
--- End quote ---

Phantom X:
Seriously people, a being with those distinct features isnt a shadow. Damn Shadowling not being here to help me...

they where his specialty, wheren't they?


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