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Anybody got a spade to hand?
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Man's bid for Holy Grail search

An author believes he could have unveiled the final resting place of the Holy Grail - buried within the grounds of Lincoln Cathedral. Local man Callum Jensen, 50, who has written two books based on the Da Vinci Code mysteries, believes he has decoded a parchment which reveals its location.

He has now requested permission to carry out a search of the grounds using a penetrative radar scan.

A cathedral spokesman said the request was currently being processed.

Roy Bentham, chief executive and chapter clerk for the cathedral, said: "All we can say at the moment is that Mr Jensen's request is now going through the relevant committees. "A decision is expected to be made by the end of the year."

Mr Jensen said he has always had an interest in the legends of the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. He was inspired to find out if the mysteries raised by Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code could have any local relevance in April 2005, after an anomaly was found on one of the cathedral's windows.

"A glazier was working high up on the east window when he spotted something strange in a stained glass depiction of the last supper," he said. "What he spotted was that instead of a cup or loaf being on Christ's plate, there is actually a dog."

Mr Jensen said he then found further anomalies in the cathedral. This prompted him to look at the Rennes-le-Chateau parchment, a coded document, which enthusiasts believe provides the clues to the resting place of a secret treasure. He decoded the clues, which has led him to a spot near the south east corner of the cathedral.

"I decoded the parchments in quite a short space of time and was excited to find it led me to a specific spot at the cathedral. It's the site where St Margaret's Church used to stand, until it was demolished, it's my belief that underneath the spot is the church's crypt, which remains intact."

If the cathedral authorities grant permission for the search, the author hopes to carry out the scan of the area early next spring. He added: "All the evidence I've uncovered does suggest that there is something down there, which could well be the lost treasure of the Knights Templar.

"I don't think it's treasure, as in gold and jewels, but something to do with Mary Magdalene and the secrets she could hold about a possible blood-line of Jesus Christ."

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