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Title: Point n' Click Room Escape/Escape games
Post by: banshee72 on March 29, 2012, 05:26:48 AM
Does anyone here play those point n' click room escape games? I am so addicted to those!  I play them a lot and I am the masta!!!   You should check them out if you like puzzles, mind games and figuring stuff out.

I love the white chamber its by the same people that make the crimson room, blue room, was the hardest one I have come across! When I 1st played it a couple of years ago and it took me and my friend 3 hours to figure it out. lol.  I can beat it more easily now cause I've played it a bunch since  Here is the main website I go to to find good games like that: (

 Make sure you type in the site search "point n click" or "Room escape games" or what ever.

Also Check out Exmortis! It's a wicked CREEPY game. I love it. It is a point n' click game too.

Anyone else a fan of point n' click games? Or am I just a nerd, Lol  :-P