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Title: I need Answers.
Post by: Waczo on December 23, 2008, 12:13:02 AM
Hey, I am new here and basically showed up to try and get some answers. Lets start from the beginning,

                 My mother has always been able to “feel” when ghosts are around, in the past before I was born she saw full bodied solid apparitions of deceased family members who have passed on to her messages for her family. All these apparitions happened around an hour after they died and only if she was not aware they had died, if she knew nothing showed up. When I was very young, single digits, I saw these solid black shadows which I now know are shadow people. They never seemed to do anything then stare at me always in front of me, but when I tried to communicate with them they always disappeared. Then one day they never showed up but this shadowed appeared at the foot of my bed that only I could see, my mother could not feel its presence or anything of the sorts. I started hearing these voices which almost seemed not be there, just on the edge of my ability to hear but unable to make out the words. Then one day I heard a sentence as I walked into my room, something along the lines of “Why were they sent away” I stood there in shock, but eventually had enough sense to run away. When I returned the shadow was not there and I had no other experiences for around five years.

   Then one day I woke up and was able to see light around everyone, humans, animals, a lot of plants. I found out these were called auras and then learned the color they were meant something, but the thing was I never see colors in the auras I see, they are just different shads and densities of grays. But I am red/green color blind so that may be why… I found a book at a local used book store that toughed me how to refine my ability to see auras and now I need to focus on not seeing them. But that was fine I could deal with that.

   A year after I found that I could tell what someone was going to say before they said it. Whether they were my best friend or a complete stranger. But that has since faded to where I need to think about it to control it.

   Then two years ago, I started experimenting with tarot cards, and found my reading were correct most of the time, but I stopped a few months later because I started to get mind grains which are still around today. When I stopped using the cards the shadow people came back and seemed angry. They had glowing read eyes now, and ran through the sides of my vision or jumped up in front of me for a split second and disappeared. I was in my friends house which I always seemed to get a sense where I don’t want to be there, but I was walking down a large flight of stars and felt my ankles being grabbed then pulled out in front from behind and I fell down the stairs, hurt myself, but was lucky.

   Then a few weeks later I felt like someone was chocking me out of the blue, then I felt him, a dark 3D shadow being choking me, right as it felt like I was about to pass out I seemed to each out with my mind and feel my own aura and almost instinctively “threw” my aura around this thing which let out a horrible screech and disappeared.

   Now I have shadow people stalking me always in the corner of my eyes and sometimes in direct view, and need help to find out what these powers mean, how I can stop these monsters and how to actually use these, skills.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Title: Re: I need Answers.
Post by: bridigid on December 23, 2008, 01:26:17 AM
 Reading your post, I can genuinely say I feel  horrible for you,
for I have lived  through much of the same type of occurances for my whole life as well.

I stopped reading cards and runes for my friends because I realised I was reading THEM more than I needed to know EVER. For myself, It was only a different way to pick up on something I already knew...

I got the head pain which knows no bounds when I was doing focusing exercises. Rolling the red ball, fine. Bouncing it, coolage. But trying to place 3 moving objects on top of each other, still and transparent...migraine from hell.

about the shadows...
I have then around me as well.
I am not sure why, and seemly the best way I made them recede for me some was to ask them why they were here, what did they want, really desire them to answer in an non defiant, angered mindset.

and I know about the way they can attack, or seem to attack from what also has happened to me and those in my life.

I do not have a whole lot of answers per say about them,
but gaining understanding is more like it.

Feel free to PM me if you would like.

Title: Re: I need Answers.
Post by: Waczo on December 23, 2008, 12:00:25 PM
Thanks so much, i agree about the shadows. I dont think i have every talked to them without an angry mindset but i have found confronting them seemed to help for a little while. I think it may startle them, maybe they dont think we can see them...
Title: Re: I need Answers.
Post by: oldbill4823 on December 24, 2008, 03:47:50 AM
Hi Waczo,

I was talking to someone I know about the subject of shadows just the other day.
I will post their comments below for you to read.

First to calm down, and also to take himself less seriously.
As long as he has this "entity" in his life, that makes him more "original" and different than the average people, so the question is, "does he really want to be free or does he want to be special?"

At a certain point in my life, years ago, I could not sleep anymore because a group of entities was constantly in my room, I had a continuous and tenuous fear.

I told my friends pratitioners and most of them were amazed by my stories. And finally a girlfriend told me that I was nourishing my own fear, and that the entities were just responding to my intent of having tremendous experiences.

That day, I realize that I was nourishing my own ego, I did not want to get rid of them because this situation was making me feel different, more powerful, more special than the people I knew.

Then I started to stop being special because I saw I was not honest with myself.

Now, the same entities are still present in my life, but they are more like abstract guardians.

The problem is not the entity but the EGO, as it has always been for all of us...

Maybe you could start to tease your friend a little bit with this "entity-problem" and help him focus on his dreams instead of focusing on its nightmares...

Hope you can find something of use in this.

Title: Re: I need Answers.
Post by: Waczo on December 25, 2008, 03:12:50 AM
Basically to stop focusing on them, and just treat them as a fact of life and with that give them less power. not sure if that makes sense to anyone else....  :?
Title: Re: I need Answers.
Post by: bridigid on December 25, 2008, 08:41:02 AM
Basically to stop focusing on them, and just treat them as a fact of life and with that give them less power. not sure if that makes sense to anyone else....  :?

makes perfect sense, actually.
attention itself is energy whatever focusing on. Energy that can be used for their own purposes.

you are getting some excellent advice from Bill, by the way, from his friend.
Knowledge is power. :P