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Sylvia Browne interview
« on: August 18, 2005, 01:13:45 PM »
Dream on, says Sylvia Browne

Since the age of three, Sylvia Browne has used her psychic talents to give comfort to grieving families and help those seeking guidance for the future. A best-selling author who appears frequently on TV, Browne turned her talents to dreams many years ago while teaching a college course in California. Her students kept talking about their dreams, prompting Browne to begin studying both her dreams and those of her readers and fans.

 In her new book, Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams, Browne maintains that many of her self-professed skills—premonition, telepathy and the ability to "visit" the dead—are shared by almost everyone who dreams. Once people realize their potential for these talents and learn simple ways to practice them, Browne says, these skills can be improved and used nightly. BookPage recently asked Browne about her new book and her own experiences with dreams.

BookPage: What benefits have there been in your life since you've started exploring the world of dreams?
Sylvia Browne: The world of dreams opens up ways for us to release negative thoughts, to program positive ones, to reach loved ones who have passed and even to be precognitive.

How can you identify dreams that are past life memories?
Past life dreams usually come with a very distinct setting. Feeling or seeing yourself as an American Indian or in a Victorian setting, etc. especially if it happens often, can indicate that you may have once lived in that time or place.

Is there a way to get rid of recurring nightmares or traumatic dreams?
When you have a nightmare, question yourself about what preceded or may have triggered this dream. Then tell yourself during that dream that you will face your fears and turn it into good rather than bad.

What are the benefits of keeping a dream journal?
The benefits of a dream journal are great because patterns begin to form of fears that have to be dismissed, old hurts you have to let go of, or things that are to come.

What if you just can't remember your dreams? Is there a way to make the process of remembering them easier?
All people dream, they just often go in too deep. So ask God before you go to sleep to help you remember your dreams, and keep a pen and paper by your bed to write them down as soon as you wake up.

You include a lot of prayers in your book. Do you see prayer as an essential way to understand and constructively use what we experience in our dreams?
I include prayer in all my books. I think every part of life should have God included. Yes, ask God and you will receive.
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