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Hidden Messages?
« on: January 07, 2008, 01:16:04 AM »
Hidden Messages?

Like i have always said. Not everything is what it appears to be.  The so called "hidden messages" appear to be more then just a coincedence from certain KNOWN phrases that were used for "decoding". Some even seem to have told of past tragic events thats already taken place. Will future events be told now? Who knows, its possible. Why have i taken the time to do this? Well, after a few interesting revelations inspired by a personal experience i had with something, it triggered a thought, so i decided to check it out and see if my theory had anything to it. Apparently there is something to it. This is what i have come up with so far by the method of using Anagrams to decode certain words and phrases. Some of these you will find have already been famous anagrams. But alot of these come from my own works. I like to work with decoding phrases, puzzles etc. This is a list of what ive come up with over sometime now.

Revelations =
-Star Evil One
-One Evil Star

Genesis =
See Sign

George Bush =
Bugs Gore

Madonna Louise Ciccone =
Occasional Nude Income

William Shakespeare =
-I Am A Weakish Speller
- I'll Make A Wise Phrase
- We All Make His Praise
- A Wee Phrase? I Am Skill
- I Sleep Walk A Ham Sire

Leviticus =
Is Vile Cut

Mona Lisa = 
A Mans Oil

Mary Magdalene =
Am And Meagerly

Ouija Board =
A Bijou Road

Garden Of Eden =
Fond Renegade

Revolution Number Nine =
Uneven bonnier turmoil

Revolution Number =
Mourn noble virtue

Conspiracy Theorist =
Cast iron hypocrites

TruthSeeker =
The Sure Trek

Open Minded Thinker =
 Kind Prominent Heed

Yuletide Cheer =
Hey Crude Elite

The Illuminati =
I'm Inutile Halt

Illuminati =
 I Am ill Unit

Homeland Security =
Our Decline's A Myth

Terrorist Attack =
Rat To A Trickster

Terrorist Attacks =
Trickster As To Rat

Operation Iraq Liberation =
Pitiable IQ or Inane Orator

Operation Iraq Freedom =
Eq Of Premier Adoration

Operation Iraqi Oil =
A Poor Eq or I Initial

The Masonic Temple Lives =
Loveliest Impeachment's

Masonic Temple Lives =
Evil lest Ponce Maims

National Treasure =
Outlast Rare Inane

The DaVinci Code =
A Convicted Hide

Mona Lisa Mystery =
Remissly Anatomy

Resurrection Of Jesus = 
Reject or Furiousness

The Book Of Daniel =
 Handbook of Elite

The Rapture =
Pure Threat

The Fake Rapture =
Freak Up Theatre

The Coming Of The Anti Christ =
I'm This Cheating Trench Foot

Coming Of The Anti Christ =
In This Magic Trench Foot

World Deception =
Now Decrepit Old

World Deception Revealed =
Love Lorn Addicted Weeper

The Virgin Mary =
Her Grim Vanity

Operation Northwoods =
Now Honored So Patriot

Denver International Airport =
In An Introverted Proletarian

Columbia Space Shuttle =
-Mishap But Locate Clues
- Is A Comet Culpable thus?
- Chaotic Tumble U.S. Pales

Challenger Space Shuttle =
The Ascent. Gasp! Cruel Hell.

Discovery Space Shuttle =
Respect Viscously Hated

The Statue of Liberty =
Feeblest Authority

Statue Of Liberties =
Obtusest Fair Elite

Princess Diana =
-Ascend in Paris
- A Car Spin Is End
- Dies In Car Snap

Stealth Fighter =
Ghastlier Theft

June Sixth two thousand six =
Unjust Width Hoaxes Toxins

Bird Flu =
Fluid BR  (Side Note From Solstice - BR? Bromine?)

The Bible New Testament =
Between Balmiest Tenth

The Bible Old Testament =
Entombed Battiest Hell

Saint John The Divine =
Ob Thievish And In Jet

St. John The Divine =
Shh! Evident Joint

The Ten Commandments =
Comments That End Men

The NESARA Act =
Cheater Satan

The Comet Hale Bopp =
The Macho Pleb Poet

Masonic Capstone Missing =
Nascent Poison Gas Mimics

Operation Nine One One =
Top Inane On Eerie Noon

The Book Of Deuteronomy =
More Out-of-Body, Hot Keen

Deuteronomy =
Moody Tenure

The Book Of Chronicles =
Blotchier Of OK Chosen

The Gospels =
Ghost Sleep

Order Of The Bull's =
Doleful Brothers

The Skull And Bones =
So Snub Death Knell

Angelic Society =
I Conceit Sagely

The Elders Of Zion =
File Honored Zest

Vril Society =
Victory Lies

Communist League =
Consummate Guile

Fenian Brotherhood =
Honored of The Brain

Righteous Harmony Society =
Morosity Or Huge Hesitancy

Muslim Brotherhood =
Ho Hum Stormier Bold

Narodnik =
On Dark In

Sons Of Liberty =
Frostily Bones

White Rose Society =
So Sweet Heroicity

Osama Bin Laden =
A Damn Alien S.O.B

Saddam Hussein =
UN's Said He's Mad

The Planet Saturn =
Stun The Prenatal

The Planet Mars =
Smart Elephant

Planet Mars =
Smart Panel

The Planet Venus =
Enslave Up Tenth

The Planet Earth =
Elephant Threat

Planet Earth =
Plant Heater

Planet Pluto = 
A Potent Pull

The Planet Pluto =
Up Lethal Potent

The Planet Nibiru =
Truth In Plebeian

The Planet Uranus =
An Unpure Stealth

Planet Uranus =
Purest Annual

The Planet Mercury =
Lynch Temperature

The Planet Neptune =
Petulant Nepenthe

The Month Of April =
Filth On Metaphor

The Month Of July  =
Ho Hum Jet Not Fly

The Month Of September =
Hmm Of Not Better Sheep

The Month Of December =
Mother Chef Entombed

Month Of December =
Hmm Defector Bone

Month Of November =
Venom From The Nob

Month Of September =
Entomb of The Sperm

Month Of July  =
Joyful Month

Month Of May =
Myth Of Mona

Month Of April =
Romp On A Filth

Month Of March =
Hmm Not of Arch

Adolph Hitler =
Hot Rapid Hell

George Walker Bush =
Blush War Geek Gore

Ronald Reagan =
An Oral Danger

George Washington =
War On He Gets Going

The World Trade Center =
The Cold War Deterrent

The World Trade Center Towers =
Wretched Rat Or Not Sweltered

The Middle East War =
Wealthiest Madder

The Middle East =
Smelt Death Die

Middle East War =
Warm Deadliest

The Veri Micro Chip =
Choice Viper Mirth

The Amber Alert =
Hate A Trembler

Job Thirty Eight Eleven =
Evil Enjoy Bright Teeth

Homosexuality Community =
O My Timeously Toxic Human

Homosexuality =
Hoax Timeously

Heterosexuality =
Route Sexily Hate

Heterosexuality Community =
Humanely Temerous Toxicity

Homosapien =
Ahem Poison

Reptile Species =
Creepiest Spiel

Bill Gates = 
Legal Bits

Denver Colorado =
Ordered Volcano

New York =
Worn Key

Evil Inside =
Divine Lies

Jesus The Divine =
He Is Just Envied

Jesus The Saviour =
 Oh Jesus As Virtue

Revelation One Seven =
Innovate Serene Love

Revelation Thirteen Seven =
Threaten Over Intense Evil

Revelation Thirteen Nine =
Retentive Hitler On Inane

Alexander The Great =
-Extra Hated General
- Axed The Rare Tangle

America Online =
-I'm Inane Oracle
- Malice Or Inane
- Connie I Am Real
- Miracle In A Eon
- Lone Maniac Ire
- A Nice Omen Liar
- I Am A Nice Loner
- Menial Icon Era

United States Of America =
-Dine Out Taste A Mac Fries
- I'm Castro Infatuated See
- Face It Statue Is No Dream
- I See Fun So I Am Attracted
- Duties Monica Eat Faster
- Made Treaties Count? As If!
- True Ass Made Titanic Foe
- Eat Our Fascist Dementia
- Attain Sauciest Freedom
- If Democrats Nauseate It
- Monicas Diet A True Feast
- I Muse Fear Not Taste Acid
- Meet Our Fantastic Ideas
- Fantastic Idea? Sure To Me
- Tasted Fierce Osama Unit
- O' Neat Crime Data Use Fist
- Use Fist On Crime Eat Data
- Oi! France Made It's Statue
- Meat Fat No Rice USA'S Diet
- Fat Roasted Meat Cuisine
- An Armistice? To Us Defeat
- A Farce Same Destitution
- A Stunt Is A Mediocre Feat.
- A Freedom At Issue Intact
- I Mandate A Fist To Secure
- Fears Education At Times
- Most Cities Feature An Ad
- Dare Set Automatic Fines?
-  A Fate Came To Industries
- It Can Sue To Deter Mafias
- M.I.T. A Neat Ace For Studies
- Atomic Data Isnt Free Use
- I Meet Arafats Seduction
- A Mere Fantastic Outside
- Atomic Tests Are Fun Idea
- Sam Its  Cute Federation
- Attain Suitcase Freedom
- Resuscitate Defamation
- Facetious Arts Dementia
- Constitutes A Media Fear
- Canada Tourists Fees Time

Declaration Of Independence =
-No Finer Deed, An Ideal Concept
- End Colonied Era If Act Penned
- Fine Peace Intended, Darn Cool!
- It Encoded Pinnacle End Of Era
- Nice Clip Denoted End Of An Era

Microsoft Windows =
-I'd Wow Conformists
- Wow! MSDOS Friction
- Moron Disc Fits Wow!
- Wow! So I'm First On CD
- Fits In CD ROM So Wow!

Norton Anti Virus =
Innovators Run It

Thomas Edison =
-Atoms Do Shine
- I'm A Sod Honest
- Do Astonish Me

Donald Rumsfeld =
-Muddler Of Lands
-Dull And Deforms
-Led Old Arms Fund
-Small DoD Refund
-Smaller DoD Fund
-Armed Dolls Fund
-Me? Droll? Adds Fun
-Land Of Muddlers
-Slumland Fodder

Donald Henry Rumsfeld =
-Fondly handles murder

Chelsea Clinton =
-Cleanin Clothes
-Clone Isnt A Lech
-Seen All, Not Chic

Marilyn Monroe =
-In Lore, My Norma
-I Marry Loon Men
-Learn In My Room
-Moan On Merrily
-Moral Irony Men
-Marry No Oil Men

Dwight David Eisenhower =
-He Did View The War Doings
-He Hit And Widows Grieved

Franklin Delano Roosevelt   =
-Vote For Landon Ere All Sink
-Love For Stalin Rankled One
-No Novel Deal For Real Skint

President Of The United States =
-The Stupidest Defenestration
-Stupidest Friend To The Senate
-This Free Statue Depends On It
-Deaf Nudes In The Street? Stop It
-Finest Poet, He Studied Ten Arts
-Detests The Federations Input
-Is Putin Threat? Do Test Defense

Henry Kissinger =
-King Henry Rises

 Madeleine Albright =
-I'm The Alleged Brain
-Hell I'm A Giant Breed
-Remedial Being, Halt!
-Hi! A Mad Belligerent
-Giant Dame Here, Bill
-Lame Hit In Belgrade
-Am A Bleeding Hitler

Arnold Schwarzenegger =
-He's Grown Large n' Crazed
-Grr! He's Now Crazed Angel
-Crazed Leghorned Gnawer
-Wagner Scherzo Dangler

Lee Harvey Oswald =
-Revealed Who Slay
-Lay Overhead Slew
-Lo! We've Had Slayer

George Herbert Walker Bush =
-Huge Berserk Rebel WartHog

Global Warming =
-Gag, "I'm All Brown"
-Ball Going Warm

Monica Lewinsky =
-Lo, my wank is nice!
-I cosily wank men
-Knows I'm nice lay
-Money was in lick
-Ow! (my insane lick)
-Wank my silicone
-Slinky ice woman
-Nice silky woman
-Coy seminal wink
-Seminal, now icky
-Slick may win one
-Say "lick mine now"
-I yen woman licks
-Slick in me? No way!
-I mean, Slinky Cow
-A lick wins money
-A lick on my sinew

Bush Administration =
-This bandit is our man!
-Duh? ... I ain't bin so smart
-This urban man's idiot
-Satan burns him, idiot!
-I'm this bastard union
-Must do in Arabs in hit
-Nation admits hubris?
-Hid tot's brain, a minus
-And mouth is Britain's?
-Said mouth isn't brain?

Evangelist    =
-Evil's Agent
-Evilest nag

The Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic =
-Damning evil policy, Serbs voted asshole out
-Sly mobs pushed evil dictator is gone

President Slobodan Milosevic =
-Serb despot icon is evil old man

Slobodan Milosevic =
-Slavic blood is on me
-Oblivion comes, lads
-Is manic - loves blood
-Blood vice soils man
-So so vile, bold, manic!
-O evil man's blood [sic]
-D.C., Bosnia: Evil looms
-O, I'm an evil cold boss
-Evil, cool nob sadism
-I'm evil, cool, sad snob

Signing Our Declaration Of Independence Of The United States Of America =
-Thirteen Colonies post defiance dead against future foreign dominance

Department Of Homeland Security =
-They fund, arm modern police state
-A hundred foes attempt only crime

National Aeronautics and Space Administration =
-Aim is to land pods in/near USA area. Can it? No, it can't

Florence Nightingale =
-Reflecting on healing
-Fetch Nigel an iron leg
-Angel of the reclining
-Feel right on cleaning
-Flit on, cheering angel
-Lice, filth, gangrene no?
-Hence I grant long life
-Ah, centering long life
-Leg-leeching in a front
-Left Henri congealing
-Fallen, e.g. I go in trench
-I leech front-line gang
-Fetching linen galore!
-Going? Then clean rifle

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town =
-Now gloats in satanic custom
-Snags location... I must act now
-Custom is now intact, a la song
-Actual snow! Tons! It's magic, no?

Carton of Cigarettes =   
-I Got A Taste For Cancer
Depleted Uranium Shells =
-Deep human ills resulted

Federal Bureau Of Investigation =
-If found alive, abuse, interrogate!
-But a figure of evidential reason?
-Favorite agent buried alien's UFO
-A beautiful giant is done forever
-On average....beautiful, ironfisted
-O, For beautiful agents are divine

Gary Condit =   
-O trying cad!
-At orgy in DC?
-Ain't DC gory?

Genetically Altered Foods =
-Greedily select a lot of DNA

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Re: Hidden Messages?
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2008, 05:42:53 AM »
that is an awesome list1!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that i've got nothing............
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Re: Hidden Messages?
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2008, 07:59:08 AM »
Thanks. I am still working on more as certain key words and phrases come to me etc. I can take some requests. lol  Ill post up more as i gather another decent list.

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Re: Hidden Messages?
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2008, 07:41:23 PM »
That is really interesting, some of them makes sense too, and others and extremely hilarious. Reminds me that I used to do anagrams with my name at, but I only got meaningless things. The biblical references and other history related ones are worth working on, some actually predicted the future.

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Re: Hidden Messages?
« Reply #4 on: April 19, 2008, 04:27:32 AM »
Solstice, you are on a good trail, but there is much much more. Continue work you do, the things you can come up to are really schoking!