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Author Topic: Kube and his crazy auto-theistic theories  (Read 1250 times)


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Kube and his crazy auto-theistic theories
« on: August 01, 2009, 10:36:47 PM »
Okay... I've been thinking about this for some time (since the beginning of my psionic training, actually). Every psion (psychic? I like psion better :-P) has a different way of visualizing the world around them. Some see it in different spheres, varying in numbers, others see it as-is, with the human mind being able to create energy, etc. Some others see it in a much more mystical way. Anyway, I wanted to crate a topic on my way of doing it. When I do anything psionic-wise, I visualize it the same way, be it psychokinesis or empathy. So here it is, the world as I see it, how it was created and different ways to view it that work just as well. Now, be warned, I kinda use this as my own little religion, so you might not agree with the creation part and that's fine, no one knows how it was created, that's just my simple-minded way to put it.

My crazy world:

When you think about it, all you know about the world is actually a bunch of electric signals, waves and vibrations. So how can you be sure those vibrations, along with the world they are interpreted into, are real? Here's my answer: you can't. Why? Because it's not real. "WHAAAT?!" is what some may think. (A normal reaction when I just shattered your views of reality, don't you think?) Some others, who have seen psionics in action, through the use of sheer willpower, will say it's likely to be so. So here's my interpretation of the world: There's the Astral Sphere, most psions agree on that point. Within (or under, if you will), is the Physical Sphere, which I call the Mind Sphere. (As for when I use the virtual reality mentioned in the last section, I like referring to it as The Matrix, but that's just me :wink:) So what's the Mind Sphere? It's a world created by thought alone. Thought so ingrained in our subconscious, since our birth, that we've come to believe it as a physical one. The Mind Sphere is, in a way, a convention between all conscious minds to interpret a feasible and understandable world. So basically, I'm saying we're gods. Yeah, that's right, you too! If one would break through that ingrained belief that it's all actually there, one would be able to do practically anything. Psychokinesis? Sure, you just have to imagine that "thought" that is, say, a marble, to levitate. Think that gravity is just another product of our imagination, which we've bound ourselves to. Telepathy? A simple way would be creating the thought of an electrical signal in the "thought" that is the subject's brain. This is how I see the world and how I go about my life. Since mortality and death is something we've been believing in for so long, chances are, your thoughts will kill you and send you back to the Astral Sphere. If you've read the Old Testament (Which I'm proud of having done, though I'm not Christian, I think it's a good thing to know and understand how others think) it is stated that humans, in the beginning, were practically immortal (Enoch lived 365 years and some are in the 700s and over). At some point in time (after the Flood, I think) God made every human mortal.


The way I see the creation of the world varies among those who think as I do and chances are you won't agree either, but that's fine, I'll even list a few different theories. In the beginning, there was no Mind Sphere; only the Astral Sphere. The way I see it is that there was an original being who, somehow, divided itself from the endless amount of souls that is the Astral Sphere and, due to its newly acquired consciousness and the Astral Sphere being a place without time or space, its thoughts created the world. Here's a divergence in two theories. Either that being's Mind Sphere attracted, like a magnet' other souls that separated themselves from the Astral Sphere and entered it under a form created by the original being's thoughts. That continued until the world was what we know: A Sphere governed by the laws of physics that our ancestors slowly built upon and have ingrained into our subconscious, as those "thought-laws" were already in the world when we were brought into it. It's only logical a newcomer would accept this world as it is. The second theory is this: The original being, having god-like power in the Mind Sphere, created new souls to populate the world. Every soul, when it dies in the Mind Sphere, goes back to the Astral Sphere. Here's one theory that I've learned from an ex-Scientologist's interview (I don't know if all Scientologists think that way, as I've said, he isn't a Scientologist anymore) He says that our souls, "Thetans, as they're called in Scientology, were bored in the Astral Sphere. Being bored of their god-like abilities int he Astral Sphere, they created a world, the Mind Sphere, as a game. To leave the game, and hence win it, you must re-learn to use your powers. If you die without doing so, you reincarnate until you manage to become a full-fledged god once again. I'm not sure if I believe in that theory, although it is very interesting, as I'm not certain a soul in the Astral Sphere would have realized it was actually that, a god-like being in an infinite sea of other similar gods.


Here are the three different ways I tend to visualize the world around me, depending on what my purpose is. First is the one I've been describing, thoughts. It's a very abstract way of seeing the world, so it's sometimes easier to manipulate it via other mediums. One I use a lot, since I'm very comfortable in a computer environment, is that; a computer. Remember the Matrix? That's what I'm talking about. We're souls, trapped in a virtual world and the laws of physics, matter, energy, everything are programs, lines of code and signals. Ones and zeros. If you want to send a telepathic signal to someone else, you just need to send them a ping, or a request a connection with their network. (Note that it's also sometimes easier to view it as a network, instead of a single computer). My second way of viewing it is this. If you have an ocean, it is logically billions over billions of tiny droplets of water, right? But how do you draw the limits of one droplet? You can't, it's that simple. When a drop of water falls in more water, it dissipates into the ocean and thereby identifies itself as part of the ocean. So here's another way to see it. What is matter? Matter is particles of concentrated energy (E=mc2). So basically every object is just different ways of interpreting massive collections of energy. So you're nothing but a drop in in an ocean of energy. If you cannot identify the limits of that energy, the same way you can't define the limits of a drop of water in and ocean, you are, basically part of the universe and so, in a way, you are your glass of water, the marble you so desperately want to levitate or even your neighbor, even though you hate him because his dog keeps peeing on your flowers. Please note that the ocean interpretation was taken from another psion who had posted this on a site a few years ago.I simply took his idea and built upon it and hold in no way the rights to his ideas.

So here's for my provoking interpretation of the world. Please tell me what you think of it, I'll be glad to see who thinks I'm crazy and who thinks I should be their new god :wink:


I do realize I'm not the first one to have thought about this. Many psions and philosophers use this as a medium to interpret the world. Just wanted to state, I'm not the first one to have thought about this, but I came up with the concept on my own, before being pointed towards some of Plato's work. Turns out this idea is centuries old...

Fun fact: The Matrix idea was what made me come up with this idea, but it turned out trying to visualize a code that bypasses gravity isn't so simple after all...

PS:I wanted to add that fully believing in this is tough. It goes against all your subconscious believes in, so don't be surprised if it doesn't work at first. Repeated self-hypnotism might be of some help. If someone tries it and has better results, feel free to let us all know! That is why I put so much emphasis on the fact that the reality of the Mind Sphere is ingrained so deep in one's subconscious from the moment of their birth. I would not be surprise if children have better results achieving psionic actions doing this, as they have not been exposed to the virtual reality for so long as adults have. You know, like in the Matrix, when they say they only bring people under 16 years of age back to the real world because an adult would most likely go insane?
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