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Stimulus plan
« on: January 22, 2010, 05:30:16 PM »
Well this form needs a new topic so here we go. Our ever so wise senators in the the senate voted on a stimulus plan a year back and none of them actually realized what they signed. I shall now start complaining.
I believe A.C.O.R.N. got 50 million of it (the organization that had homeless and dead people vote, I know they got some money... and apparently I heard a discussion a while ago on c-span about this in the senate.... Then it quieted down and was never mentioned again)
750 billion dollars went to do something with housing if I recall. Well it was managed by our lovely secretary of transportation (that Obama appointed and of course he picks good people for the job  :|)
There was 800,000 for a turtle crossing in a road somewhere in Florida (USA)
A lot of money also went into giving the government agencies new uniforms but I doubt they really needed them.
The surgeon general got a lot of money for his office. (separate segments of a million all over the bill)

I looked through a lot of the bill and not a lot of it would actually go to the people. It was a very wasted use of tax dollars in my opinion.

I am tired right now and I cannot give you the best research or links right now. But tell me what you think....

PS. don't get your self banned... I know there were many words I could of used that would probably get me in trouble...
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