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berserkar gang exodus of 1015
« on: December 15, 2010, 12:33:20 PM »
With the law passed in 1015 by the Christian King Jarl Eirikr Hakonarson of Norway outlawing the practice of Berserker Gang. Not allowing these people to live within cities. If found they would be imprisoned or even killed. Many followers of the old was the Way of their God Odin many began to leave their homelands for other lands moving as fast as Christianity was taking hold in Europe. Many found refuge in the lands of England Scotland and Wales. But by the Norman Conquest of 1066 which truly brought relief to the Christian inhabitants of England. William could have been their savior from the possible pagan menace.

Since 1015 many Followers of the old was had sailed for Vinland to keep their old ways alive. Finding their way into now Eastern and Central Canada and The United States Many building homes farms and fortifications were necessary.

1070 Prince Madoc  ab Owain Gwynedd the youngest illegitimate son of King Owain Qwynedd. Madoc translated as Mad Dog is believed by many to be the chief of a Berserker Gang. Left Wales with 120 men to go find their fortunes in Vinland taking their wives children and slaves with them. They traveled to Vinland finding most of the land to be inhabited by Believers who had come before them or indigenous tribes of American Indians. They traveled down the eastern coast around the time of now Florida up into the Gulf of Mexico on into Mobile Bay following the Alabama, Coosa and Etowah rivers to the headwaters at the southern point of the Appalachian Mountains to build what is now known as Fort Mountain. Now anthropologists say this walled fort was built possibly by the Cherokee.

The Cherokee tell a story of Fort Mountain being in habited by the moon eyed people. That lived in holes in the ground and only came out at night to farm and to war. The only possible explanation is that when Madoc and his men came into the area they contracted and early form of Malaria. From personal experience Malaria has symptoms of horrible migraine headaches and bowel disruptions. Direct sunlight makes it near to impossible to go out in daytime this would explain these people only going out at night.

Now let us go back to Prince Madoc 1070 world in north central Georgia. A picture can be drawn from local history of the area. At one time there were three different fortifications in the area. One was in present Chattanooga Tennessee which was destroyed during the construction of a highway system. A third sits on private land in northeastern Alabama. Another fortification was found on top of Lookout Mountain the fortifications were improved upon and used during the American Civil War. It would be near to impossible to find out what is under the improved fortifications now.
Many fortifications can be found throughout the eastern United States and Canada Most date back to the newest being around a thousand years old and some have been dated back to three thousand years.

There are tales of American Indian nations rising up to kill these moon eyed people.  The last stand is believed to have been along the Ohio River into what is now West Virginia. I have read it was called the killing lands or the killing fields.

Question is, what was this great offense these moon eyed people. Were they berserkers or shape shifters considered an abomination to the people. Were they driven mad and finally died off from Malaria. Or did they intermarry into the local tribes and were just bread out. Starting a new race of American Indian shape shifters or possibly the Windingo of mythology?
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