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--- Quote ---Show me the proof-or at least something not made entirely of opinion, then we'll talk.
--- End quote ---

We are on Monstrous.... we hardly ever get proof, but we still talk, dont we? ;) :doh:

First off, someone's selling the finger of a man's finger? Either there's something I don't know about the human anatomy, or someone put an extra finger there. Secondly, Nina speaks the truth. This is a forum after all, a place for discussion. And sometimes that discussion concerns matters based on opinions, theories, etc.

I just can't believe that there is a planet bigger than jupitor that everybody missed. Thats the reason I'm skeptical about this.

But it hasn't been missed.  People have known about it since the last time it was here... 

Besides, it isn't in the typical orbit that the others in our solar system are in, so it's easy to miss.

Point taken, but I usually view anything with a supernatural bent, or sketchy science with a grain of salt. Keep your mind open, but not so open your brain fall's out. 
And yeah, at the bottom of the CNN page, there was a bit about someone selling a Mexican generals finger from their revolution. How...Mexican. And they wonder why they're lampooned in movies & T.V .


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