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Origins of Yeti
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(Cryptomundo, Feb 2006)

This creature of the Himalayas was not widely known to Western civilization
until 1921. The events that transpired were set forth by a telegram sent from an
expedition then in the Mt. Everest region. At about 17,000 feet, members of the
expedition watched through binoculars a number of dark moving forms on a
snowfield above them. After quite a bit of effort, the expedition made their way
to the snowfield, and found a large number of footprints "three times those of
normal humans" in size. The Sherpa porters stated that these creatures were
called Metoh-Kangmi, a generic Nepalese term meaning "snow creature" that
was used for several mountain creatures said to roam the area.

The telegram to India was sent forth with the word metch kangmi, which
was translated, incorrectly, by a reporter for the Calcutta Statesman as Tibetan
for abominable snowman. There were several layers of confusion. The first was
the use of metoh in the first place. It should have been meh-teh,
meaning man-beast. The second was that it was mistakenly transcribed by the
Indian telegraphist as metch, instead of metoh. And lastly, that the term was
Nepalese, and was translated as Tibetan.

The Sherpas have two terms that they use for these creatures, meh-teh and
yeh-teh. It's easy to see how yeh-teh becomes yeti.

Amongst most researchers, the common theory is that these creatures inhabit the
temperate, fertile valleys of the Himalayas, only traversing the snowy mountains
to travel from one area to another, leaving the large footprints in the snow. It
would only stand to reason that they would be inhabitants of the forested
valleys, not "snowmen."

Actually, most eyewitness accounts describe a dark-colored creature.

Same species as the North American Big Foot..?

(complete artice can be found at


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Re: Origins of Yeti
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i beileve that the yeti is a sub species of my favorite monster bigfoot, my theorie is gigantpithicas traveled from asia to all the contries like the u.s or the ones in europe.

if you want my complete story please email me at i like discusing theories on aliens criptids undead and stuff