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The Malaysia Nature Park Bigfoot
« on: July 19, 2006, 02:34:38 PM »
uly 23, 2006 Edition The International Chinese Newsweekly

The Mystery of the Malaysia Nature Park Bigfoot by Lim Yu Soon

The Orang Asli tribes in Johor believe in a mystery creature that they called Hantu Jarang Gigi. According to legend, this creature is about 12 foot tall, with a body covered full of hair, having long arms and stout legs, who move speedily.

In December of 2005, Vincent Chow, an adviser to the Johor Malaysia Nature Society discovered big footprints as long as 17 inches in the Johor jungle. He believes that the 248 million year old forest holds a key to human evolution.

Vincent Chow stirred up the interest of the media and experts in the Johor Bigfoot.

In May of this year, many local and foreign media, through arrangements made by the Johor government, went on an expedition to the Johor jungle, but unfortunately could not find anything.

Johor Bigfoot Editoral Committee coordinator Lee Khai Shun expressed that there are many sightings of Bigfoot in Johor, and their stories tallied, whether from southernmost Panti or Middle Kahang. This [fact] made him believe in Bigfoot. The jungle logging must have caused the Bigfoot to migrate in search of food.

The Johor Wildlife Protection Societyís Wei Poh Chin has been following the Johor Bigfoot for 17 years. He said that while working in Pengkalan Hulu Perak at that time, he have contact with the communist guerilla and knew about the existence of Bigfoot from them.

He stayed in the jungle for long periods of time as he wanted to observe the activity of the Bigfoot. In Peninsular North Hua Hua Ling, Pengkalan Hulu Perak and Southern Johor he personally saw Bigfoot.

He said that the Bigfoot can be big or small; the big ones can reach 9 - 12 feet tall. There are males and females, and even juveniles.

He said that the Bigfoot has intelligence and knows how to use wood as weapons. Other than the fact that they do not have organizational ability, their behavior is quite similar to humans.

He said, "Bigfoot know how to create a vortex in the shallow river to make the fish dizzy and catch them. Although they eat live fish, they donít like blood and will wash [the fish] clean before eating. Also they will tuck the fish under their arms. They like to eat fruits as well as wild boar."

But as there are many skeptics, including the state government and Johor Regent, who believe that the Bigfoot are remnants of the 20 orangutans released by his grandfather earlier, Wei Poh Chin recently handed over 14 photographs to the Johr Sultan and the Chief Minister, hoping that they will do some action to protect these endangered Bigfoot. Four photos will be released in the upcoming book (Johor Bigfoot). If these photos are certified to be true, then it will be the first time in the world that close up clear shots of Bigfoot are available.

"Johor Bigfoot" Editorial Committee Lee Khai Shun told to this Chinese Newsweekly that from the photos, Bigfoot is indeed a large creature, somewhere in between ape and man. One photo shows a male adult Bigfoot, squatting down, with a hand holding a stone, deep in thought. The male Bigfoot has very long and thick arms, and when he squatted down, his scrotum touches the ground. The other photo shows a female Bigfoot with an angry face, big breasts and a body full of hair.

But Wei Poh Chin refused to say where, when and who took the pictures of the Bigfoot, resulting in much skepticism of the pictures.

Botara University Darlan said that there is no background to the Bigfoot pictures, and therefore it is not known whether it is taken in the jungle or not. Also there are comments from some people that it is unusual for the Bigfoot in the close up photo taken to be in a still mode and full of expression.

But palaeoanthropologist Sean Ang thinks otherwise as there are no close-up photos of Bigfoot breasts and scrotum in the world and that the photos are probably real. He said that is is not easy to imitate the squatting posture with a stone in [its] hand and also [its] red eyes. If allowed by the state government, Sean would invite experts to examine the pictures.

Darlan also expressed that the Johor jungle is extensive and has an abundance of food and suitable for the existence for Bigfoot. Darlan has followed the expedition to find Bigfoot, although he found only big footprints.

But from the length of the Bigfoot prints, he estimated that the Bigfoot is as tall as 9 - 12 feet and as heavy as 365 - 400 kgs. He thinks to see Bigfoot, you would need a long period of time to adapt to the jungle, and not short expeditions of only a few days each.

Sean Ang is very interested in Bigfoot after being invited by Vincent Chow. He said from the hair samples and the footprints, the Bigfoot should be a hominid and not apes or other animals, most likely Homo erectus. Vincent Chow believes that the Johor Bigfoot could be remnants of Homo erectus now in Malaysia, via their migration from China/Indonesia.

Sean and Chow will publish their research in an international journal later. In the meantime they have setup a website to let Bigfoot enthusiasts and scientists discuss Bigfoot.

Wei Poh Chin is more concerned about the protection of the Johor Bigfoot and the interference from people who will hunt and kill Bigfoot.

Like The China Wildman or the Himalayan Yeti, Johor Bigfoot all share a few similarities: big, hairy and agile. But until now, we do not have sufficient proof that they exist. Perhaps the Johor Bigfoot would be like other Bigfoot in other parts of the world, continuing to be a mystery for generations and generations.

Translated by APIís Raymond Goh from The International Chinese Newsweekly.
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