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The Mothman- A Cryptozoology Approach.
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The Mothman of 1966-67 has been thrown around a lot about what it could possibly be. A demon or an angel, an interdemnsional creature, a couple kids pulling pranks, to even a curse from an old Native American Chief that is buried near by.
I'm going to go by a cryptozoological explanation. (Though not my favorite, one that could be possible.)

In the year of 1966 two couples saw an amazing sight. A large "headless" creature with large wings and glowing red eyes. They panicked and drove off, the creature gave chase, but turned around when they reached the city limits. They reported the thing to the sheriff and it was dubbed the "Mothman".
Over time people of Point Pleasant, WV would see the Mothman for over a year. People were throwing all sorts of explanations for it. (As stated above) They all reported the same thing, but most importantly the "glowing" red eyes that were hypnotic and would be burned into the person's brain in a way and they couldn't forget about them.

It wasn't till the crash of the Silver Bridge in which sightings diminished to almost zero. People were saying the Mothman was trying to warn them about the disaster.

Hereís where we start to think a *bit* logically about what the Mothman was.

Cryptozooligist have said that the Mothman was a giant bird, bat, or owl that was coming through the area. A giant bird wouldn't be new to the USA. With legends of the Thunderbird, a giant Indian god that was supposed to bring rain and thunder to the areas. (Which are still being reported to this day)

But there are other problems about Mothman, the eyes.

People reported that the eyes glowed red, and were "hypnotic". But this could easily be explained. Animalís eyes glow when are hit by a light beam, which causes them to shine brightly, giving of an eerie light. These lights can be a rainbow of color.

Another explanation for the redness of the eyes is that it could have been albino. (Here we're talking about a giant albino owl, bare with me.) Albino creature's eyes are red, and Mothman was described as being gray (white?), but sometimes brown or black. So lighting a flashlight or car headlights on a giant owl or bird of some kind could lead to a red glow that would be very scary by looking at the creature size and these large red eyes.

But then again, there are other things to look at the Mothman case that cannot be so easily explained, such as the "Human like body" or "The way it took off, like a helicopter". And if the Mothman was a bird, where did it come from and where did it go? I'm sure we'd have found a giant bird carcass somewhere by now.