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Saw a UFO!
« on: June 02, 2008, 07:43:31 AM »
A couple of days ago (this past Saturday) I saw a UFO! I know most people don't believe me, but I did get some vague (of course as it always is lol) video of it on my phone, but as the video camera sucks and won't zoom you can't see it very well. So heres what happened. Earlier that day I was in the salvage yard getting some parts for my piece of crap car. The yard is at the very edge of town a mile or 2 south of the airport. I glanced up overhead and saw a shiny craft just sitting there in the sky to the east. I thought it might be a weather balloon at first, but it never moved for about an hour. Then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and it disappeared. The land here is extremely flat and the day was bright and clear so I could see for miles....nothing. Later that evening just before sunset I saw it again this time to the west and I was at my house by now. Again it just stayed in the same place, not moving. I had my phone now so I taped it. A couple of seconds in it made a bright red flash. My wife was with me and saw it too and can confirm it. It blinked for a bit more before I ran out of space in the phone memory. I watched it for about 1 hr  after that until it got dark and I noticed it drifting slowly off. It looked alot like the saucer shaped craft people usually describe with a protrusion of some type on the top of it, as best I could see. Also it should be noted a passing plane was headed right for it, but altered course and went around it, so I know others saw it.
                              I'm sure that sighting will be hushed up like most of the pilot sightings. A friend of mine is a pilot and has seen them before and when he reported it he was explicitly told not to ever speak of it again and the matter is closed. Hmm......
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Re: Saw a UFO!
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Yey, welcome to dah club Kain!!!!  :-D