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Wisconsin Pyramid
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I saw a different thread that caught my attention about pyramids at the bottom of Lake Michigan. I looked into it because  Iíve lived near Lake Michigan my whole life and Iíve NEVER heard any such stories. I HAVE heard stories of a Loch Ness kind of creature that resides in the water, but Iíve certainly never seen such a creature and the Lake itself is very large and very deep. Some of the species of fish get really big, so who knows? Anyway, I didnít find any information pertaining to pyramids in Lake Michigan, but I did find this information about pyramids that do actually seem to exist at the bottom of  a lake in Wisconsin. Please keep in mind that when I do research, I look at many different sources before I come to my own conclusions, and this information is just coming from one site. If anyoneís interested I can give you the link. There is an underwater photo of the pyramid, but it is of fairly poor quality.

Rock Lake in Lake Mills Wisconsin
'Home of the Wisconsin Pyramid'

Rock Lake, located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin is reported to have an  ancient pyramid  submerged  in its waters. Sauk Native Americans speak in their legends of a sacred site close by a lake. The Sauk did not construct the site and related structures - this was done by ancient peoples who were driven away when the lake flooded. Stories have continued to the present concerning Rock Lake "pyramids" and other underwater foundations.

The "pyramid" legends were revived during the mid 1930s when a combination of low water and clear, dry summers allowed viewing of a number of subsurface geometric forms including pyramids, cones, walls, and trenches. One individual Max Knoll, using his own invention - a form of SCUBA dive gear - dove the lake and viewed many of these structures. Still, those who supported the theory of man-made underwater structures were ridiculed and little was proved either way.

Interest in the structures was renewed when observations of SCUBA divers were published in the 1960s. A major effort commenced in the 1980s with a complete side scan sonar study of the lake floor showing a number of unusual-shaped structures along a submerged beach.

Side-scan sonar reading, indicating several artificial structures beneath the surface of Rock Lake.
Unusually clean water conditions in 1991-92 allowed two of the sites to be photographed in sufficient detail to prove their existence as man-made structures. Sufficient evidence does not exist to date the structures or to identify their builders. One possibility is that they are associated with prehistoric copper trade cultures which would coincide with the Post Algoma low lake levels of 3,000 years ago.

Future research will hopefully tell us more about these ancient visitors and their contributions to Wisconsin heritage.

This is just a small portion of the information on the site.  I added this also just because I found it interesting:

Strange things happen around the area of Rock Lake. People see things that aren't there  - Ice fishermen can't start their chainsaws out on the ice, but back on shore they start fine - They return to the ice and again run into the same problem. Scuba divers, trying to film the underwater pyramids can't get their cameras to work. Other divers, preparing to dive into the waters of the pyramid,  are overcome with a sense of dread.

It is apparent that there is an energy disturbance going on in the area - strong enough to cause mechanical failure as well as affecting the human consciousness.

It is also apparent that this area  represent stress points of higher dimensional and  intelligent energy. The higher frequencies of energy  would render such things as spark plugs for chainsaws and batteries for electronic cameras inoperable, as it would actually change the vibratory rate of electromagnetic frequencies, thus making them incompatible with ordinary devices. ( We experience the same result when a ufo closely approaches an area  - . all mechanical / electrical items stop functioning.)