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The Hunt For "Bigfoot" Continues...
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Lorena man's hunt for Bigfoot continues

By Cindy V. Culp (WacoTribune-Herald staff writer)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Daryl Colyer of Lorena is obsessed with Bigfoot. But don't call him a fan, aficionado or enthusiast. Those terms are for people who watch B-movies about the hairy creature or collect Sasquatch dolls, he said.

Instead, Colyer prefers to be called a field investigator. That's the title he holds with the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, a group dedicated to proving the existence of an undocumented, bipedal primate that people commonly refer to as Bigfoot.

I'm trying to solve a mystery, Colyer said.

Needless to say, Colyer won't be dressing up in an ape costume for Halloween. But like nearly every other day of the year, he will probably mark the holiday by doing something related to a creature that most people put in the same category as ghosts and goblins.

That work might entail interviewing people by phone who say they have encountered a Bigfoot. Or it might take the form of planning a weekend trip to look for the creature in a Texas forest.

Colyer, a 44-year-old collections manager at Genco Federal Credit Union, said he knows a lot of people think he's nuts. That's especially true in Central Texas where Bigfoot stories are not part of the culture. But in other areas, especially East and Southeast Texas, the idea that there is an unidentified ape-like creature living in the woods is commonplace, he said.....

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