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« on: August 04, 2006, 01:12:25 AM »
New episode of Monstrous radio will be posted no later than Sunday.........

Am going to begin working on show 3 shortly after to be posted mid-August, so any ideas, songs, suggestions, ect and so on would be greatly appreciated....

As of yet i can't recommend any particular FREE programs that you can download on your computer for recording, but i'm sure that if you do a search on FREE recording programs, a few possibilities will arise.. And works out very well in order to upload your segments and send them to me at .. Hope to hear some good book/movie/music reviews soon, and that members here are content with the job i do covering our next subject, which is SHADOW PEOPLE............

New show will be posted soon, as well as a couple other items of interest... <:smurf

(I figured i'd start a new thread on Apologies, as i'm sure we're all to make some from time to time in the future regarding Monstrous Radio broadcasts.........  :-P )