Author Topic: 3 headed alien in Stephenville , NFLD  (Read 1823 times)

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3 headed alien in Stephenville , NFLD
« on: July 17, 2008, 07:40:32 PM »
 I remember when i was a young kid in NFLD , in a town called Stephenville  coupla friends and i were playn in the woods near our local highschool . when we came across a frightening 3 headed " looked like dog head with no hair maybe like a doberman type face with all the skin peeled off but 3 heads ! we just freaked and started picking up rocks and just firing at our surprise it would keep dissapearing and reappearing kept doing this for a few minutes and we were exhausted from throwing rocks like we were in pitching practise..also coulda swore i saw a small metallic circular object a short distance in the bushes . the alien mustve been about 2 feet high and its skin was like brown hairless muscle mass had a sort of cloak around its body...we never told our parents but to this day i can still vividly remember the incident.