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The Science Of Aliens


Devious Viper:
The Science Museum in London, UK, is now running a huge exhibition investigating extra-terrestrial life. The exhibition explains how scientists are trying to work out how aliens may appear - some researchers, it transpires, are studying deep-sea creatures to get an idea of how life-forms evolve and adapt to extreme conditions (see my other post HERE.) Others are focusing on the possibility that intelligent life may be trying to get in touch with us - so far it's been a one-way conversation, but who knows..?

It has a range of interactive exhibits on offer, giving visitors the chance to explore the Solar System; to study potential aliens in their projected habitats, and to send your own personal message out into the depths of space. (You really can say whatever you want. But remember, they may be bigger than us. With better weapons! :) )

The Science Museum is located at Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London. Their webpage is HERE


Well that does sound great to see DV. Huh my dad came from Kensington.
Mabe some day when I get my first kill I will drag a little bugger in and watch the childern pee themselfes 8)  :shock:  :lol:

I bet the aliens watch our every move,everything we do,our tv,religion,and have even seen this exibit and are puzzeled by such a weird culture.


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