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Mutation in nature.


This will good spot for this. Mutation in nature, happens all the time, more so in short lived species. I live in louisiana, so I see all kinds strange insects. Now some can be ones I just don't know about, but others are not. Today I saw swarms of these cricket looking insects, their ends were slightly up turned and they were all black except for a red stripe going down the middle of it's back, there was one with a yellow stripe but only one out of a hundred. I also saw a completely black bee going from flower to flower. A few years back I saw a ant that also resembled a beetle, not so strange except what was growing out of its back. There were these hair like strands about a couple millimeters high and at the top they came together and formed something resembling moss and bits of lichen. This stuff was gowing out its back and it used it as cover, it moved in the same pattern as a walking stick does, little by little and stop duck low tuck in.

Genetic mutations or just weird bugs?   

  I'd hazzard to say it's adaptations in an effort to improve survivablity.  Nature never stops evolving, never stops attempting to achive perfection.

True. I'm trying to get the pictures off my phone of these insects.


  Heres one for you, it didn't live long, but it makes you wonder....


  Heres anouther one, alive and well.

three things i have to say first that falf is one leg short of being spider cow
secondly cats are way to teempermental to be given the ability to fly imagine all the ees in the world scratched out
and third iwant wings to


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