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I felt like discussing the topic :) I was reading about how different people thought posthumanity would be... To those who don't know what posthuman means... and aren't too talented in the domain of basic etymology... posthumanity would be a part of our history when, in a distant future, we'd have evolved so much that we don't fit the 'human' criteria anymore. Here' a couple theories I've heard about:

- When humans are born, their consciousness, so to speak, are transplanted to a different, cybernetic body. Stuff like enhanced senses, temperature-regulating skin, etc.

- When humans are born, every single one of their neurons are replaced by highly advanced micro-processors. Imagine having billions of supercomputers instead of a single brain! :O

- We've just evolved organically and don't fit humanity's criteria. (Not likely, since because of technology, our evolution has been halted, or so many scientists think...)

- One I've thought of myself, [insert pride here], is we've evolved to a higher state of mind, making our bodies useless. Basically, we'd be those god-like, ethereal, beings who can manipulate their environment as they wish...

- Others think we might get so advanced that we can hack reality... Wake up, Neo.

- Also, what about vampires, etc. being the next step in evolution? :D

Let's hear your theories, monsters! How are we gonna be like in a couple hundred thousand years?

Those are some interesting theorys.

I wonder if we would all evolve the same or if we would evolve into different classes, kinda like the way ants have workers, soldiers and queens.

there is one thing Ive been wondering about, they say we all evolved from apes, if thats the case, why are there still apes?

Well ya kinda answered your own question there :-P

The same way we would most probably evolve along different paths because by then there would be hundreds of billions humans most probably scattered across the galaxy...

No imagine the galaxy is in fact a planet. The human/ape group A on planet/continent A evolve to a higher being. (humans/posthumans in this case) While at the same time, the human/ape group B on planet/continent B have a different culture and don't have the need to, say, have stronger limbs or move differently, stand upright to have a better line of sight and be able to watch for predators. Maybe human A would do the thinking on his own, therefore, the brain modifications, while human B would rather have machines do the work for him, so he'd remain human in nature.

That's how we'd probably evolve differently and why humans are only a branch of the ape family.

Also, you know those tortoises with spikes on their backs? They're a prehistoric type of regular tortoise, except they needed to keep those spikes in order to survive in that environment...

But there are also those who don't think we, at least not entirely, come from apes. Some think we're mixes of apes and aliens and stuff like that...

And about the ant classes... That's pretty much already in our society I think... We've got the world leaders (queens), the working class (workers) and those who aren't considered 'civilians' like the military, etc. (soldiers)

Every generation we evolve. You may not see it, but it's there. The eggheads compared DNA with a sample from the 1800's and the change was evident.

Cool, good to know someone's more up to date than I am :-P I only loosely follow scientific progress, so I probably just didn't hear about that... But it is cool to know that humans might one day be completely different from what we know now. (that is if we don't cause the Earth to self-destruct by then...)


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