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Furries and Furry conventions

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ok. Furries; what is your opinion of them and would u try being one or going to a convention? There is a convention coming up in Atlanta in march. Check it out. Feel free to add pics of furries if you come across any good ones.

I have a friend who knows a lot of furries, he dates furries, hangs out with them but isn't one. How he describes them, sounds awfully familiar to how therians identify with their animal spirit. According to him, the only real difference is that furries dress up like their 'animal' as well.

However, you tell a therian they're a furrie and many resent it completely. Furries seem to be seen on the same level as people who lie about sharing their soul with an animal however there is as much evidence of most of the furry population being therian as there is self-declared therians of being therian.

I thought furries were the guys(and girls, we don't want to be politically incorrect now.) in the fur suits, some of which feel the need to express a sexual fetish of boning anthropomorphic animals via sexually implicit images and sex in said suits.

And therians were those who believe/feel that they are animal spirits trapped in a human body as opposed to those with regular shamanistic inclinations to hold a spirit animal as thier totem or someone with a familiar in this world.


  So then that would make you a furry right Raz?

Hehe. Who knows? There might be quite a few furries on here that we don't even know about.  :-)


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