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Supposedly, some guy name Ponce De Leon discovered the Fountain of Youth. Well here is my thing... I spent some time in Puerto Rico. While I was in Old San Juan, I discovered that Ponce De Leon may have left apparent clues to this Fountain of Youth all over Puerto Rico. A lot of these clues though can be found all over Old San Juan, which is where the Fort of Ponce De Leon is. Some of the old churches that the pontiff himself and Ponce were at has clues in these churches. One of the portraits has a map behind it. I know this because while I was there I bought with me my portable black light, and some of the photos has messages in Spanish embedded in the photos. From what I can make out, it appears to be an older form of Spanish. These clues were left behind in the same manner as in the movie The Da Vinci Code, when Jacques Saner' left clue behind.

Here is my advice do not find the fountain of youth. Humans can't be trusted with it. Neither can anyone else in my opinion so just let it be hidden. It is interesting but I shudder at the consequences of actually finding such a thing. If we found it there would be war...

Whoa! That means you won't grow old with fountain of youth? Why war?

So theoretically, if you drank from the fountain of youth you live forever? So if the world broke out in war and we all offed ourselves, some poor idjet would be wandering around in the wastelands by himself forever? Could you imagine being the only living thing on the planet. How bad would that suck to starve to death?

Hmm to be 100% honest this is very interesting.


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